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Spell check of area

Correct spelling: area

subject, bulk, electron orbit, demesne, neighborhood, ward, cranial orbit, force field, borough, subject area, province, arena, width, place, scene, amphitheater, celestial orbit, diocese, compass, turf, commonwealth, gallery, municipality, range, field of view, campus, tract, department, detail, block, orbital cavity, breadth, kingdom, locality, plot, span, knowledge domain, precinct, bag, auditorium, setting, quarter, riding, rood, playing field, part, colony, heavens, ambit, champaign, battle-ground, airspace, country, bowl, specialty, battlefield, centigram, amplitude, extent, enclosure, principality, hall, dimension, duchy, landing field, size, sweep, field, courtyard, field of battle, vault of heaven, field of study, local, walk, vicinity, front, scope, cubic, world, length, bailiwick, body politic, stretch, magnitude, sphere, knowledge base, height, the borderland, lot, near, proportion, theatre, circus, field of honor, national, bushel, sector, airfield, territory, playing area, ct., empyrean, square, leeway, theater, corridor, regional, measurement, divisional, sphere of influence, business, dukedom, canton, BMI, stadium, unit, are, field of operation, rural area, empire, scene of action, bigness, provincial, ground, space, Co., cu., neck of the woods, surface area, locale, section, breadbasket, firmament, piece, dominion, greatness, field of force, region, orbit, largeness, room, study, field of operations, district, city, division, celestial sphere, line, hippodrome, expanse, subject field, township, territorial, game, substructure, realm, nation, colonial, Colosseum, welkin, belt, athletic field, patch, acreage, discipline, plane, fiefdom, meridian, theatre of operations, subdivision, res publica, plateau, line of business, portliness, county, volume, element, domain, hectare, town, portion, parcel, ring, scale, measure, gymnasium, operation, acre, state, commonweal, earldom, zone, capacity, circle, reach, parish, fief, chunkiness, carat, Shire, beat, eye socket, plain, pen, circuit, corpulence, terrain, battleground, stage, barony, land, distance, sports stadium, theater of operations, bit, flying field, segment.

Examples of usage:

1) One instinctively desires to reach a spot whence to overlook this broad area peopled by more than eight hundred thousand souls. - "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia", Maturin M. Ballou.

2) A day of six months and a night of six months is often ascribed to the Polar regions as a whole, but this is only true of a very small area about the Pole. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) A few miles northward, as we saw, was a promising area for a camp. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.