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Spell check of boot

Correct spelling: boot

rear, ulster, topcoat, chemise, bursting charge, efflorescence, discharge, advert, brassiere, crinoline, commission, footgear, decode, armor, kimono, smash, ouster, cowboy boots, baton, bonnet, outfit, clothing, ensemble, mission, name, trust, beret, wrap, apparel, put forward, turtle-neck, tingle, ax, sarong, pull-over, trunk, t-shirt, cathexis, crosstrainer, smasher, dressing gown, Birkenstock, exhilaration, fez, armour, cape, coat, gripe, shudder, kick, close, tuxedo, trimming, iron boot, haste, bash, bloom, parent, blue jeans, recoil, costume, rush, dismissal, pillbox, automobile trunk, chill, body, bodywork, jumper, call down, complaint, blast, set about, quiver, halter, explosive charge, jacket, dinner jacket, lift, strike, windbreaker, rosiness, bounce, blazer, raiment, sari, headdress, shirt, garb, bull bar, buffer, cuffs, electric charge, flak jacket, robe, housecoat, pajamas, shoe, invoke, nightgown, stockings, suit, evoke, blush, vestment, clothes, wrapper, kicking, sweat shirt, shorts, clodhoppers, garment, billy club, excite, brogues, refer, bearing, Jersey, habit, corset, care, Afghan, emulate, doublet, kilt, abort, rubber, petticoat, call forth, dress, prime, belt, camisole, v-neck, greatcoat, stir, eruption, chapeau, reboot, scarf, display, conjure up, chevron, trousers, gumshoe, crash, hit, bang, body armor, sweater, desert boot, shiver, elevate, tutelage, kick out, ejection, slacks, bumper, attire, heyday, pinafore, corrupt, peak, armorial bearing, raise, shove, trench coat, jollies, squawk, blouse, deck shoe, cleats, shoes, iron heel, charge, rushing, overcoat, bathrobe, raincoat, accusation, fringe, Breathalyzer, Stetson, cite, frisson, fedora, panties, cloak, sack, surge, poncho, outpouring, tunic, cruiser, beef, hot flash, luggage compartment, evening gown, skirt, chassis, clog, mackintosh, nurture, ejectment, pants, caftan, burster, thrill, expulsion, fight back, high, axle, heraldic bearing, pea coat, vesture, bring up, burnoose, deliver, shawl, Denver boot, hat, spate, sports coat, eviction, knock, flush, pyjamas, mention, clap, drive, upsurge, conjure, titillation, arouse, bowler, flower, sweat suit, gush, slicker, termination, keep, array, blossom, duds, homburg, wallop, parka, frock, bam, smoking jacket, fur, smock, hurry, get up, direction, gown, billing, guardianship.

Examples of usage:

1) We will return, and in a steamer to boot. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) He eyed her from under his brows while he bent to light a match upon the sole of his boot. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) I don't dare take my riding boot off for fear I couldn't get it on again. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.