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Spell check of garment

Correct spelling: garment

gown, crop, bonnet, habit, arrange, mackintosh, crinoline, halter, jumper, invest, habilitate, attire, array, sweater, fit out, beret, raiment, clothe, duds, bedeck, cape, pinafore, snip, hat, Afghan, caftan, shoes, sarong, shawl, fedora, do up, dud, bowler, overcoat, jacket, topcoat, burnoose, smoking jacket, footgear, cut back, evening gown, sari, prune, frock, v-neck, clothes, slacks, sweat suit, headdress, groom, clothing, garb, housecoat, fur, parka, scarf, pyjamas, corset, coif, robe, thread, pillbox, get dressed, shorts, coiffe, curry, get up, clip, tuxedo, blazer, lop, decorate, vestment, nightgown, trousers, kimono, caparison, skirt, set, dress up, shirt, chapeau, panties, smock, preen, chemise, rig, primp, suit, pajamas, dinner jacket, do, greatcoat, dressing gown, camisole, sports coat, outfit, cloak, apparel, petticoat, wrapper, ensemble, dress, windbreaker, enclothe, coat, drape, dress out, plume, slicker, costume, Stetson, enrobe, coiffure, equip, trimming, pull-over, tunic, fez, habiliment, vesture, line up, t-shirt, ulster, kilt, homburg, garnish, trim, deck, brassiere, stockings, adorn, pants, Jersey, tog, fit, wrap, boot, put on, doublet, raincoat, bathrobe.

disrobe, uncase, strip, strip down, unveil, discase, divest, undress, unclothe, peel, undrape, denude, disarray, uncover, untruss.

Examples of usage:

1) Her brown stuff upper garment, trimmed with thin fur, shows a dark- green dress beneath it. - "Holbein", Beatrice Fortescue.

2) I have just arrived, saved by the skin of my teeth, and I have not a decent garment of any kind to put on. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.

3) She would have liked to see how well she looked in this new and fashionable little garment. - "Girls of the Forest", L. T. Meade.