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Spell check of coat

Correct spelling: coat

habit, blazer, clothes, wrapping, fez, sweat suit, beret, robe, chemise, wrapper, finishing, dog collar, kilt, skin, clothing, patina, overcoat, topcoat, hierarchy, overlay, sari, trench coat, surface, muzzle, envelop, costume, insulate, parka, sweat shirt, turn up, slicker, distemper, rind, garb, ulster, panties, lead, chapeau, jumper, shoes, layer, vestment, integument, exoskeleton, Jersey, dressing gown, bark, show up, plaster, veneer, screening, paint, frock, cake, pants, jacket, blue jeans, halter, mantle, laminate, sheath, doublet, bathrobe, duds, stockings, tunic, wool, masking tape, recover, sheet, wrap, nightgown, painting, creosote, mask, strata, leash, bomber jacket, hide, grout, smoking jacket, hair, slacks, come on, come up, shawl, trousers, fleece, covering, windbreaker, come out, smock, crinoline, crust, sarong, skirt, cover, encase, rise, v-neck, tinge, choke chain, dinner jacket, rise up, Afghan, story, dress, kimono, flea collar, grade, sweater, pull-over, stratify, camouflage, top, membrane, pelt, boot, Stetson, corset, crown, pinafore, smother, DJ, armor, varnish, finish, camisole, shell, cloak, ensemble, drop cloth, armour, anorak, apparel, shorts, homburg, application, burnoose, pea coat, bolero, tier, scarf, leather, shirt, gown, fedora, headdress, casing, pyjamas, blanket, outfit, epidermis, attire, bury, pajamas, mackintosh, level, vesture, pillbox, t-shirt, husk, poncho, glaze, down, lamination, veil, pile, turtle-neck, blouse, enshroud, dander, greatcoat, dermis, brush, lacquer, suit, paintbrush, film, caftan, bowler, wash, trimming, shroud, cape, pelage, fell, brassiere, sports coat, evening gown, raincoat, coating, scarfskin, petticoat, raiment, hat, fur, housecoat, beard, envelope, gloss paint, garment, footgear, array, duffel coat, dewlap, graduation, tuxedo, dusting, gloss, bonnet, collar, canopy.

Examples of usage:

1) But you must get a coat. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) I brought over the bogman's coat. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) It's a good thing I didn't take off my hat and coat. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.