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Spell check of crush

Correct spelling: crush

get, comminute, scold, tick, quiver, call down, powder, insistency, baffle, break up, capture, puzzle, overturn, printing press, densification, surmount, compression, sever, drove, bunk, pulp, impede, split, stuff, call on the carpet, affect, perplex, crumble, compact, tighten, lambaste, conk out, pressing, concretion, lambast, triumph, mob, burst, military press, stamp down, take apart, lather, decompose, massacre, repress, gouge, predominate, smear, host, die, outsmart, husk, outwit, chat up, pickle, army, win, extort, go bad, cream, tap out, splash, amorousness, engulf, obturate, oppress, quench, occlude, drum, blast, intimacy, thrust, nail, affection, devotion, vex, break down, electronic jamming, dress down, grind, fail, dally, thump out, collapse, crushed leather, flock, dash, rive, wedge, chew out, chide, philander, coerce, bosom, faithfulness, inhibit, nonplus, jamming, rack, give way, pile, beat out, pack, chock up, mess, boom, outfox, worship, foil, hug, lose it, cashier, herd, tumble, romance, block, communion, checkmate, reproof, persecute, sentimentality, jampack, smash up, idolization, mystify, rupture, pound, constrict, jam, shove, circumvent, beat up, work over, lecture, bray, attachment, squeeze, stick, quell, slosh, hale, fix, desire, scrum, smash, transgress, bankrupt, endearment, flog, chew up, demolish, suppress, extinguish, twitch, liking, shiver, flirt, go, jaw, overwhelm, mash, imperativeness, oneness, puppy love, shell, granulate, subdue, flap, bottle up, overcome, splosh, thrash, help, have words, trounce, crowd, ticktack, dumbfound, rend, throng, twinge, whip, pulsate, beat, berate, fondness, adoration, master, slash, triturate, shatter, bewilder, insistence, bawl out, vanquish, rout, prostrate, amaze, trump, overreach, stupefy, ticktock, push, flummox, crunch, coquette, wallop, remonstrate, lash, humble, crumple, swarm, press, close up, legion, embrace, beat down, annihilate, defeat, curb, express, love, snap, pulverise, wad, wash up, shellac, slop, gravel, squelch, conquer, mush, compress, quash, muddle, calf love, public press, strap, multitude, bruise, pressure, dissect, wring, kettle of fish, contract, squish, squash, welt, break, tucker, kinship, exhaust, analyze, horde, thrum, infatuation, passion, drub, mass, damage, rag, analyse, rebuke, thump, clobber, wardrobe, put down, subject, scramble, give out, compaction, ruin, closet, pulverize, force, tucker out, reprimand, destroy, sunder, outplay, mill, tweet, coquet, overthrow, overpower, bang up, pinch, fracture, friendliness, butterfly, continue, pose, tenderness, obstruct, mechanical press, bike, steamroller, outdo, cram, ram, choke off.

fasten, secure, bind, mend, weld, join, solder, unite, attach.

Examples of usage:

1) If it is too soft, the blocks will crush, and cause the house to cave in. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Yet, they do not often marry, since the wilderness, in most cases, would crush the wives they would choose. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) I want you to crush and humble him! - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.