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Spell check of capture

Correct spelling: capture

pick up, gather, background processing, watch, get down, harvest, achieve, gaining, vex, incur, compose, gravel, exemplify, subdue, pin down, score, lock in, apprehending, see, authoring, transport, sire, chess, acquire, seize, hitch, master, aim, add, scram, pocket, gain, abduction, restraint, retrieval, take, authentication, nailing, confiscate, overturn, chessboard, mesmerize, seizing, annex, arrive, captivity, trap, stimulate, start, father, mother, abduct, catch up with, alpha test, castle, fetch, snare, artificial intelligence, mesmerise, set aside, secure, begin, raptus, stick, pap, restrain, get, trance, accumulate, gathering, surrender, describe, clutch, monopolize, shut in, hoodwink, fix, corner, quell, enamour, accept, besiege, illustrate, predominate, accumulation, entrance, captivate, witch, inhibit, suffer, chessman, bewilder, securing, garner, seizure, confine, occupation, bag, grasping, derive, pose, shut away, restrict, enamor, pen in, spellbind, transfix, snatching, receive, access, come out, delineate, catch, quarantine, trip up, apprehension, grow, shackle, get under one's skin, outplay, prehend, invade, obtain, nabbing, humble, commandeering, get hold of, usurp, trounce, impound, subjugate, magnetize, commence, grand master, collect, focus, ictus, recovery, photograph, assume, stupefy, acquirement, induce, amaze, glamour, foil, define, let, triumph, detain, bewitch, obtaining, delight, jinx, annexation, set forth, curb, check, bugger off, buy, bring, taking into custody, set about, block, juggle, paint, batch, heap, retrieve, hex, come, catching, enchant, fascinate, overthrow, find, collection, internee, earmark, deprive, back up, contract, nonplus, stop, occupy, take hold of, arrogate, amass, nab, beget, winning, attach, fall, net, whip, ravish, allow, enthral, AI, overhear, dumbfound, influence, start out, become, set out, take in, round-up, view, vanquish, archive, call up, apprehend, author, experience, reliance, make, trapping, cause, cop, burn in, flummox, go, hold, burn, appropriation, pay off, pay back, draw, appropriate, charm, access time, arrest, stamp down, browse, ABEND, come by, crush, becharm, have, imprison, beat, confiscation, A-D conversion, drive, bondage, storm, generate, baffle, get together, claim, nail, rout, overtake, gambit, corralling, lure, mystify, sequester, enthrall, reserve, suppress, acquisition, enrapture, wrangle, buzz off, levy, land, engender, surmount, dependence, bring forth, defeat, take over, subjection, gaining control, sustain, win, outdo, blow up, magnetise, overcome, trump, expose, checkmate, beguile, conquer, grip, bishop, puzzle, palm, prisoner, perplex, produce, overpower, profile, tempt, commandeer, collar, grab, intrigue, taking, develop, convey, subject, procure, purchase, reap.

release, set free, discharge, captor, jailer, kidnapper, abductor, marshal, free, liberate, guardian, keeper, guard, dismiss, warden, custodian.

Examples of usage:

1) We hoped to use this line to capture the bear and the musk ox. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) The children arrive, and in the end capture a number of blue birds behind one of the doors to which Night holds the key. - "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck", Jethro Bithell.

3) If we should capture him we might force him to do it. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.