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Spell check of engulf

Correct spelling: engulf

bathe, take in, destroy, glut, devastate, swamp, decide, surge, catch, come over, soak up, sluice, gulf, overcome, influence, wallow, engage, eat away, overkill, full, crush, slosh, dunk, drown, draw, shatter, engross, skew, vandalize, imbibe, ruin, stir, give, soak, take over, plunge, submerse, infuse, ingest, overrun, prostrate, exceed, bury, drench, obliterate, trash, overpower, flush, overwhelm, color, overdose, grip, mutilate, ravage, sop up, eat up, saturate, souse, assimilate, imbue, cover, immerse, grow, lead to, douse, dump, occupy, shower, overflow, sweep over, absorb, dive, submerge, suck up, run, heighten, affect, dip, launch, swallow up, inundate, plunk, whelm, flood, overindulge, steep, take up, sink, pulse, rinse, deluge.

dehydrate, parch, drain, dry.

Examples of usage:

1) Herr Dremmel, accordingly, because of this health and sobriety in his children and his own indifference to his comfort, had no domestic worries such as engulf other men whose wives are away to disturb him, and it was not till July was drawing to a close and a long drought forced leisure upon him that Ingeborg's image began to obtrude itself through the chinks of his work. - "The Pastor's Wife", Elizabeth von Arnim.

2) Boone Wellver was waking out of an ugly trance, but he was not waking without struggle, not without counter waves that threatened to engulf him again, not without the sweat of agony. - "The Tempering", Charles Neville Buck.

3) By the time that April Fool's Day was a week old on the calendar, Hollister began to be haunted by a gloomy void which would engulf him soon, for Doris told him one evening that in another week she was going back to the Euclataws. - "The Hidden Places", Bertrand W. Sinclair.