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Spell check of hurt

Correct spelling: hurt

vindictive, damaged, grief, notched, grazed, freckled, remorse, pain, sting, martyr, disappointment, scratched, violate, evil, stiff, travail, galled, blotch, tainted, wring, weal, maimed, scuff, loss, suffering, sustain, battered, irritate, ached, spoil, gash, yearn, outrage, combat injury, spiteful, defacement, stand, hang over, chafing, shot, mar, kinked, acerbic, discompose, disadvantage, get, scuffed, stricken, injury, deformity, blemished, diminished, nicked, kink, disfigure, impaired, scab, endure, excruciate, wrenched, dot, fleck, agonised, trauma, crucify, put out, tormented, cane, scrape, depress, lash, smarted, afflict, score, distorted, throe, malaise, cracked, hacked, drawback, bruise, scratch, shock, support, chafe, pique, scandalize, stained, impassioned, blistered, malevolent, baste, hack, affliction, scored, impurity, distortion, gashed, piqued, ease, harm, deform, gripe, squeeze, stomach, dotted, try, nick, buffeted, stigma, lace, languish, vitiated, unhappy, freckle, ardent, sadness, speck, whack, breach, punch, inflammation, torture, warped, wound, eyesore, spoilage, spasm, envious, distress, miffed, appal, winged, faded, splotch, tarnish, flaw, smite, wrench, abuse, injure, defaced, crick, afflicted, impairment, inflame, wart, marked, tolerate, chafed, sore, mangle, transgress, put up, happy, spleenful, trounce, rift, mauled, grate, abrasion, wounded, footsore, mangled, wallop, pained, slap, blackjack, cramped, back-ache, ail, discontent, injustice, overshadow, intense, bite, appall, struck, neutralize, migraine, scourge, trouble, contuse, stain, pummel, spite, buffet, beat, suffer, gall, anguished, splotched, chastise, suffered, desolation, scar, incommode, grieve, slug, comfort, flagellate, work over, disturbed, excruciation, blister, discomfort, flog, throbbed, stitched, brand, worry, resentful, pound, tortured, checked, fracture, prejudice, pinch, splenetic, cost, irritated, lambaste, inflamed, grind, harrow, deface, aggrieve, histrionic, lay up, belt, have, mark, earache, infliction, puncture, discomforted, stifle, displease, chip, infuriated, sorrow, bruised, distraint, misery, agonize, fractured, abrade, weakened, contused, disturb, anguish, detriment, upset, torrid, throb, legal injury, disserve, vexed, nip, lose, fault, taint, spoiled, impair, devastate, tweak, stabbed, bear, dismay, belabor, distressed, maul, woe, scraped, better, thrash, cut up, harmed, offset, damage, soulful, discolored, drub, cut, deformed, blot, offend, chipped, wrong, agonized, ache, irritation, discoloration, switch, tempestuous, fret, punish, scandalise, spotted, vitiate, break, whip, pine, uncomfortable, strait, disfigured, blotted, brook, pang, defected, scarred, check, lacerated, mischief, disfigurement, psychic trauma, discommode, flail, defect, stab, tribulation, notch, infract, hit, slit, spot, antagonistic, lessened, specked, meet, rasp, spank, twinge, loose on, destroy, regret, birch, distort, hysterical, stitch, kick, attenuated, accidental injury, maltreat, smarting, thinned, injured, convulse, huffed, torment, tear, emotional, bitter, terms, racked, embittered, bother, scathe, mutilated, offended, blemish, stung, slitted, abide, passionate, digest, cancel out, yen, rack, depression, detract from, cramp, price, tarnished, abraded, stick out, painfulness, cudgel, go against, discolor, equipment casualty, flecked, gnaw, attenuate, saddle-sore, smart, lesion, imperfection, agony, lacerate, help, burn, pockmark, pierce, marred, headache.

blessing, boon, help, amelioration, remedy, fix, benefit, utility, security, alleviation, relief, comfort, well-being, cure, recovery, consolation, ease, undamaged, be well, peace, uninjured, healing, service, advantage, solace, improvement, assuagement.

Examples of usage:

1) But Carl did not hurt his head a bit. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) I hope no one was hurt, Jupp? - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) It hurt Jane to see Athena there. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.