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Spell check of circle

Correct spelling: circle

merry-go-round, sequence, isthmus, turn, electric circuit, eye, gang, stadium, mass, raft, luck, electrical circuit, stack, periphery, precinct, great deal, Colosseum, rank, detachment, walk, loop, squad, good deal, belt, junta, round of drinks, bow, mickle, band, outfit, bevy, army, cirque, racing circuit, propagate, disk, dominion, aggregation, striation, division, retinue, company, collection, detail, circularity, pile, go around, circus, sinus, cell, lick, setting, hoop, wreath, string, deal, union, curvature, collar, exercise set, flock, discipline, fellowship, order, enclosure, hardening, disperse, territory, whirligig, kingdom, hippodrome, encompass, demesne, compass, rotary converter, theater, return, circulate, stria, pack, tour, team, progress, coven, ground, staff, daily round, carrousel, portion, spiral, caucus, force, forget me drug, amphitheater, repetition, circularize, perimeter, specialty, gyre, caste, destiny, meniscus, batch, battlefield, area, fleet, ball, series, coalition, bag, solidifying, bout, crown, line, front, overlap, bent, wreathe, phalanx, tidy sum, cockroach, orbit, crew, wing, equator, pass on, sight, lap, solidification, world, club, enclose, circumference, circularise, broadcast, coterie, courtyard, herd, pass around, gallery, range, heap, grade, vortex, field, sect, clan, rung, arch, unit of ammunition, diffuse, body, class, gymnasium, province, roofy, meridian, brigade, dance band, nest, rope, department, cadre, zodiac, realm, circuit, platoon, wad, stage set, carousel, host, cycle, drove, game, muckle, dress circle, rophy, spread, posse, society, hall, gird, assembly, association, terrain, stave, league, room, dance orchestra, barony, course, fate, complement, group, lot, subject, disseminate, passel, orb, succession, horizon, bracelet, stage, peck, domain, arena, mobilize, locale, geometry, fold, come around, bowl, crescent, community, troop, round, surround, bunch, firmament, roundabout, rotary, school, banding, areola, come back, quite a little, curve, troll, campus, auditorium, galère, wheel, slew, colony, gathering, region, beat, halo, synchronous converter, mint, sphere, element, fraternity, scene, bailiwick, mountain, mess, business, round of golf, plenty, tribe, encircle, set, environ, distribute, fief, horseshoe, faction, revert, globe, hatful, covey, lap covering, regiment, battalion, continuation, stripe, readiness, clique, spate, fiefdom, rhythm, hive, roundel, mob, draw, revolution, caboodle, traffic circle, turf, litter, pen, cabal, crook, ring, party, assemblage, fortune, circumstances, crowd, hemisphere, mobilise, one shot, troupe, network, curing, annulus.

individualist, loner.

Examples of usage:

1) Shadow- circle at the Pole; standing on the same spot, at each hour, one's shadow is always apparently of the same length. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) We made a little circle for our feet in the snow. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) Within the circle was his father- black clothes and white face, he was looking with the candle held high, across the room to the bed. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.