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Spell check of continue

Correct spelling: continue

come on, undergo, come about, stretch, go along, observe, plow, hold, pass on, go by, glide by, push, widen, run on, endure, march on, preserve, embrace, encompass, go on, take place, protract, progress, linger, slide by, track, stay on, underwrite, step, stride, retry, extend, bring up, saunter, latency, pass over, incubate, strain, anticipate, rest, slip away, cross, proceed, repeat, sustain, keep open, amble, hold out, lodge, suffer, trek, hap, run, touch, stay, enshroud, move on, draw out, reside, prolong, hold on, slip by, flow, bide, outride, get out, stay put, press ahead, renew, save, restart, exsert, stay fresh, reproduce, bear, put out, get across, reach out, concern, stretch out, elapse, hold open, shroud, traverse, pertain, maintain, sojourn, begin, follow through, happen, abide, hatch, deal, keep back, reopen, brood, compensate, broaden, expand, hold up, throw in, touch on, dwell, put up with, come back to, cover up, keep on, walk, experience, hide, resume, cut across, pass, cover, keep going, persist in, add, await, lapse, conduct, play along, restrain, subsist, appease, insure, wander, confront, last, move, get over, spread over, retain, celebrate, conserve, come up, treat, stroll, carry on, breed, stretch forth, persevere, survive, inhabit, tarry, affect, perpetuate, relate, carry, fall out, prevail, keep up, prevent, rerun, ride out, wrap up, persist, bear on, lead, last out, comprehend, hold back, unfold, bring back, come to, stick around, replay, expect, exist, open, handle, refer, uphold, overlay, go, overcompensate, detain, take hold, hike, keep, advance, report, address, stop, perdure, occur, take up, delay, watch, stray, stick, offer, live, cut through, tolerate, act up, impact, go forward, quell, gallop, poke out, pass off, am, bear upon, pick up, remain, wait, get on.

cut, halt, drop, quit, close, cease, abandon, consummate, journey, die, forfeit, resist, let up, shun, moderate, finalize, check, ebb, avoid, break, forfend, discontinue, migrate, scuttle, pass, depart, proceed, leave off, knock off, abate, subside, move, give up, can, shut off, complete, stop, terminate, conclude, lapse, belay, stay, lay off, wind up, end, expire, desist, reject, finish, wane.

Examples of usage:

1) That she should continue to think that he knew nothing was not to be borne. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

2) It is impossible for me any longer to continue this struggle with myself. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) We were anxious to continue our curious battle of life. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.