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Spell check of extend

Correct spelling: extend

filtrate, go through, sound, eke out, underwrite, break down, publish, allot, lend, blow up, turn over, lean, tense, flow, amplify, end, wrap up, have a bun in the oven, choke, subjoin, precede, persuade, put under, supply, allow, quote, go across, expound, transport, share, cover, affix, last, inflate, contribute, cut through, strain, spin, grant, devolve, direct, express, hunt, blossom, dilute, prolong, authorise, overstep, endow, douse, pass off, smother, persist in, expatiate, lead, hold out, dribble, shower, unroll, water down, build in, take out, make up, sophisticate, stock, abbreviate, spend, produce, deliver, overcompensate, conk out, lucubrate, dispense, travel by, locomote, spread, move, decease, elicit, drag out, distort, lapse, get going, insure, dole, elongate, hold, slide by, go forward, proceed, filter out, attribute, assist, enshroud, furnish, outspread, endure, devote, brood, kick the bucket, soar, pull out, anesthetise, send, rifle, proffer, include, prevail, keep, leave, melt, fade, pass on, race, upgrade, get across, put across, spread over, persevere, propose, elapse, hatch, stoke, inconvenience, help, thicken, disoblige, bear on, educe, transcend, go along, return, hunt down, bleed, reinforce, renew, finance, append, pass away, retain, strive, excrete, embrace, exceed, moderate, maximize, cut, swell, sustain, perish, transmit, keep on, impart, incorporate, overhaul, head, go away, deport, incommode, proliferate, encompass, top, build up, protract, flesh out, gestate, incubate, go bad, track, sift, chair, release, convey, magnify, resist, broaden, persist, adjoin, fly the coop, fail, offer up, go up, blossom forth, fall out, increment, unfurl, heighten, overtake, escape, plow, stick out, invite, breed, stay on, load, cash in one's chips, unfold, guide, take, beef up, stretch out, ply, legislate, voice, go by, surpass, draw out, fatten, supersize, abide, anaesthetise, shroud, render, live on, open, grow, bid, run up, aspirate, volunteer, give out, show, hap, bear, rise, vary, shorten, scarper, course, diverge, outstretch, ration, enlarge, double, clear, plump, issue, carry on, pass, break, escalate, add, scat, thin, flare, pledge, poke out, erect, step up, span, give-up the ghost, stretch, overlay, pass over, elevate, ascribe, stretch forth, stretch along, conduct, approach, prolongation, melt down, blend in, sink, trouble, croak, puree, fall, comprehend, wax, trot out, consort, divide, take to the woods, incline, burgeon, work, bunk, hold up, evanesce, change, aggrandize, prolongate, display, add to, weaken, upsurge, belong, deal, pass by, take place, branch off, survive, raise, augment, behave, head for the hills, give, present, try, submit, anesthetize, evoke, run away, stress, cut across, pull up, build, exposit, function, close, pay out, kick, take in, run short, put up, cross, go, cover up, sieve, separate out, adulterate, campaign, discommode, go back, gallop, cast up, tender, involve, flourish, run low, pay, hold over, mount, lam, consign, disburse, bequeath, traverse, thrive, accrue, go on, drag, lace, clock in at, anaesthetize, lengthen, hand, continue, give away, attach, attempt, preserve, blossom out, hide, play, compound, spread out, truncate, happen, get over, come about, operate, hype, bring out, report, distend, carry, comport, afford, drop dead, hightail it, award, pop the question, break away, treat, stockpile, be given, live, set up, fit, feed, contain, diversify, elaborate, slip away, boost, perpetuate, die, retire, reach, surrender, blend, range, serve, manifest, pump up, unravel, travel, assign, invest in, black market, post, remain, start, long, communicate, debase, last out, extract, get, pack, lie, result, sum up, throw up, ascend, increase, expend, expect, blow over, branch out, die hard, dilate, draw, address, spin out, run for, develop, acquit, give way, wear, lavish, pull, wave, egest, string out, fan, let out, snuff it, authorize, tense up, slip by, assemble, count in, occur, buy the farm, filter, keep up, multiply, crane, widen, deform, stand firm, execute, provide, fleet, bend, tend, handle, reach out, make it, expire, withstand, annex, conk, go past, expand, exsert, glide by, bifurcate, construct, connect, boom, donate, pop off, advance, uphold, ladder, put together, run, bother, fund, snowball, telescope, maintain, sway, compensate, channel, turn tail, up, accelerate, depart, become, cite, exit, track down, engorge, stay, eliminate, conduce, add on, offer, declare oneself, put out, bestow, make pass.

close, dissever, overlook, refuse, disapprove, compact, ratify, cut, decrease, distill, abstract, withdraw, minify, confirm, shorten, richen, dwindle, purify, remove, decline, abbreviate, OK, finalize, deduct, augment, thicken, reinforce, authorize, veto, leach, flush, filter, subtract, approbate, cleanse, cut back, refine, concentrate, purge, diminish, rebut, reduce, fertilize, condense, enrich, pasteurize, fortify, disallow, constrict, lessen, contract, compress, spurn, warrant, take, receive, abate, enhance, fold, clean, formalize, sanction, retrench, neglect, approve, improve, curtail, rebuff, decontaminate, disregard, better, retract, lard, clarify, supplement, strengthen, abridge, de-escalate, homologate, negative, clear, downsize, ignore, turn down, reject, accept, lower, deny, accredit.

Examples of usage:

1) Some customers are slow to open up and extend their confidence to a salesman. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.

2) Nearly every failure is due to sudden calls of creditors or refusal of the bank to extend further credit. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.

3) What we extend in help and cheer, Brings its reward in Happiness. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.