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Spell check of continuing

Correct spelling: continuing

extending, dwelling, experiencing, lasting, uniform, featureless, robot-like, staying, chronic, persistent, durable, endless, regular, running, protracted, existing, flat, residing, occurring, connected, subsisting, gapless, pursuing, remaining, long-lasting, repetitive, undeviating, monolithic, continued, unceasing, homogeneous, dateless, ceaseless, advancing, prolonged, straight, continuous, perennial, cyclical, uninterrupted, everlasting, unending, even, un-intermittent, indefatigable, living, consecutive, indefinite, coherent, interminable, habitual, persisting, unremitting, bearing, forever, unchangeable, putting up with, imperishable, recurrent, seamless, enduring, abiding, prevailing, consistent, unvarying, immortal, lingering, undying, sustaining, unfailing, undergoing, suffering, nonstop, timeless, progressive, maintaining, continue, unchanging, constant, ongoing, perpetual, perdurable, continual, prolonging, steady, progressing, incessant, persevering, tolerating, monotonous, eternal, inveterate, long-lived, sequential, unbroken, old, invariable, being, level, repeated, surviving, long-standing, protracting, permanent, going on, perpetuating, ageless, tarrying.

erratic, passé, spotty, intermittent, out-of-date, alternating, outmoded, occasional, fitful, obsolete, archaic, irregular, serial, discontinued, short, cyclic, rhythmic, sporadic, periodical, spasmodic, discontinuous, recurrent, outdated, alternate, periodic, dated, unsteady, recurring, antiquated, seasonal, outworn, noncontinuous.

Examples of usage:

1) " I don't know how I look," muttered Billy Manners, stopping suddenly in his walking, " but I know how I feel," and he made a dash for the cabin, and was gone for some time, the others continuing their walk on deck. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.

2) The rest of the passengers had been contented to wait at the station, but these ladies had insisted on continuing their journey on this dangerous road; perhaps because of the child, which never ceased to wail and moan. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) Their feelings were wavering: half were for submission, the others for continuing the resistance. - "The History of Antiquity, Vol. II (of VI)", Max Duncker.