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Spell check of contention

Correct spelling: contention

fray, exposition, face-off, position, coolness, brawl, dissidence, hostility, disagreement, discordance, conflict, hassle, resistance, argument, defiance, battle, tilt, adverseness, alienation, divisiveness, research, matter, harshness, rejection, commentary, disunity, allegation, dispute, item, point of order, word, idea, claim, ground, variance, discord, opposition, opinion, careen, squall, conjecture, match, misunderstanding, polemic, motif, resentment, explanation, loathing, wrath, belief, side issue, enmity, analysis, thesis, text, animosity, altercation, sweepstakes, statement, issue, inharmoniousness, criticism, schism, contender, clamor, declaration, essay, inharmony, bicker, article, tangle, averseness, dissertation, run-in, complaint, hubbub, coldness, raucousness, leaning, premise, tug-of-war, inimicality, assertion, confrontation, disharmony, inference, critique, charge, dissentience, friction, challenge, hard feelings, rival, rancor, difficulty, disceptation, joust, debate, antagonism, malevolence, deposition, dissent, question, axiom, sticking point, logical argument, disputation, sidelight, disaccord, hatred, tiff, parameter, commotion, literary argument, contestation, rivalry, avowal, combat, surliness, line, dissension, strife, query, challenger, quarrelsomeness, stand, line of reasoning, nonagreement, fight, combativeness, discussion, advancement, duel, list, inclination, controversy, profession, topic, contest, postulation, repudiation, subject, polarity, concept, broil, theme, row, dogfight, bad blood, problem, spitefulness, feud, spat, warfare, struggle, assumption, theorem, unfriendliness, tension, lean, incompatibility, encounter, starting point, grapple, hypothesis, rhubarb, antipathy, point, demurrer, dislike, riot, asseveration, collision, contrariety, clash, sway, war, focus, competition, ball game, squabble, argumentation, interpolation, discordancy, principle, wrangle, rock, quarrel, plea, examination, cacophony, presumption, public debate, consideration, affray, malice, arguing, imbroglio, bitterness, dissonance, difference, paradigm, competitor, substance, basis, protest, faction.

concord, peace, cooperation, harmony.

Examples of usage:

1) So far from there being any truth in the contention of Schultze- Delitzsch, that the existing system is the only sound one, because it is founded on the principle of making every man responsible for his own doings, the very opposite is the case. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) But this contention will not stand. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) He tells us that " there arose also a contention among them which of them is accounted to be greatest." - "The Making of an Apostle", R. J. Campbell.