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Spell check of extension

Correct spelling: extension

supplement, extension phone, purview, quotation, sphere, filename extension, long, computer address, second, range, development, increase, offstage, attachment, accrual, reference point, appendage, fattening, propagation, prolongation, elevation, book of facts, citation, engorgement, accessory, brother, extra, indication, adjunct, crescendo, burgeoning, continuance, drawing out, character reference, perseverance, wing, compass, file name extension, reference book, reference work, appurtenance, enlargement, lengthening, fixture, thickening, multiplication, reach, lengthiness, growth, accompaniment, realm, branch, annexe, increment, consultation, secondary, consort, character, companion, spreading, extent, denotation, length, amalgamation, broadening, reference, university extension, persistence, addition, distance, lieutenant, mention, arm, appendix, widening, territory, source, garnish, continuation, amplification, generation, elongation, spread, inflation, width, orbit, addendum, cite, backstage, prolonging, telephone extension, magnification, protraction, point of reference, augmentation, concomitant, flank, ambit, distension, scope, extension service, acknowledgment, annex, sweep, address, size, delay, auxiliary, adornment, expansion, stretching, fender, swing, ornament, swelling, perpetuation, credit, part, dilation, maintenance.

curtailment, whole, total, flexure, abridgment, flexion, cutback, abbreviation, shortening, original.

Examples of usage:

1) Much good may be done by a wider extension of trade unions, and a better organization of working class insurance; but the labourers must not rest content till they have found their way, under the new conditions of modern trade, to become capitalists as well as labourers. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) Their distribution is as remarkable as their extension. - "The Ethnology of the British Colonies and Dependencies", Robert Gordon Latham.

3) The Ossian craze illustrates the extension of historical interest, of which I have spoken, and the vague discontent of Wertherism. - "English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century", Leslie Stephen.