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Spell check of contain

Correct spelling: contain

demand, post, govern, double back, chair, receive, rent, withstand, engulf, embody, involve, chequer, break, take for, stock, take aim, take hold, subsume, gibe, comprise, watch, revert, delay, concord, prevail, nail, require, confine, film, master, temper, have, dribble, insure, contract, tame, guard, shut off, harbor, discipline, carry, hold in, tally, deliver, use up, keep back, assure, cut back, check over, drive out, hold off, adopt, get hold of, obtain, stamp down, suss out, enclose, guide, yield, drive off, nab, suffer, intercept, calm, give, channel, stomach, invert, make, correspond, submit, ask, cage, measure, look at, find out, get, assume, re-collect, lead, wear, admit, hold, obligate, consume, operate, halt, necessitate, cover, take up, forbear, check, engage, pack, study, check into, hold on, conceal, defend, include, mark, reverse, take over, restrain, determine, tolerate, encompass, see, tone down, turn back, concur, bottle up, select, seat, drive away, barricade, hold back, mince, give up, see to it, expect, lay off, accommodate, bring, soften, throw, number, keep, boast, postulate, transmit, turn out, simmer down, aim, comprehend, stop over, subdue, condition, oblige, declare, sway, hire, verify, pick out, suppress, retain, catch, have got, run off, withdraw, behave, terminate, incorporate, defy, tick, direct, put up, block up, subscribe, support, consist of, integrate, conquer, take away, persuade, surround, stick out, deal, sustain, check up on, represent, wait, settle, constrain, apply, jibe, take on, restraint, envelop, hem in, ensure, view as, pick up, kibosh, convey, interfere with, nurse, dispel, read, stop, check out, arrest, fit, book, mark off, block, drive, regulate, repress, cut into, occupy, muster, go over, match, transport, retrovert, compose, express, finish, chase away, encircle, bind, manipulate, acquire, bridle, constitute, pull in, acquit, keep in line, ingest, agree, stand, shoot, birth, kill off, deal with, extend, digest, full, impound, fence, collect, give birth, make up, end, impart, cool, inhibit, brook, consider, limit, tick off, moderate, entail, bear, collar, checker, imprison, embrace, conduct, check off, corral, trap, accept, curtail, consist, remove, rule, train, curb, fill, pay, apprehend, claim, exact, learn, need, control, restrict, entertain, regress, endure, take, call for, ring, lease, return, quit, manage, ascertain, comport, cease, take in, stow, hold up, harbour, strike, blockade, have a bun in the oven, deport, go for, keep down, abide, command, kettle, cure, deem, be, charter, backtrack, break off, adjudge, block off, bar, subscribe to, squeeze out, discontinue, maintain, reserve, gestate, cop, rein, stockpile, chasten, look into, contents, house, run, stamp out, choose.

prevent, misplace, loosen, vent, mislay, ban, leave, rule out, loose, eliminate, take out, exclude, preclude, reject, refuse, deny, prohibit, liberate, except, omit, express, debar, unleash, air, lose, bar.

Examples of usage:

1) Yes, if they all contain gold. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.

2) Unable to contain himself any longer he fell on his knees at her feet, clung to her hands, and buried his face in the folds of her dress. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) The pages contain your name more than once. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.