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Spell check of flow

Correct spelling: flow

liquefy, latency, bristle, come in, alcoholism, backlog, persist, menses, string up, feed in, continue, prey, formality, sail, play, black market, campaign, endure, ply, point, draw, race, advert, deepen, glide, rush, spout, coast, pass, commingle, lead, full stop, downdraft, shine, hang up, dribble, high tide, alternating current, diminish, guide, stir, waterfall, pucker, walk on, slip, formulation, tide, gush, head for the hills, well, transit, circulate, chain, merge, wave, batch, fly the coop, skim, pour, start, Alcoholics Anonymous, drip, gymnastics, hightail it, rate of flow, menstruate, river, stream, strike, charge, hunt down, flow rate, originate, bag, leakage, come, geological period, oozing, empty, feast, transfer, give, flowing, discharge, burst, jet, flux, crawl, procession, be given, wind, arc, melt, block, light, flood, ascend, go, operate, take hold, scat, pay heed, immix, come down, shift, feed, effusion, take to the woods, track down, melt down, down, caravan, catamenia, binge drinking, swarm, diction, outpouring, die hard, sweep, cast up, menstruation, stop, press, eat, delirium tremens, lessen, forge ahead, mix, unravel, lean, stem, bowl, settle, escape, proceed, conflate, bunk, course, channel, hug, movement, delivery, hunt, arithmetic, AA, run away, active, execute, monotone, ebb, return, carry on, designated driver, last, pulse, fluency, slipstream, grip, crest, blend, break, brush, current, flush, cataract, roll, electric current, tidal wave, give ear, carry, combine, cheers, dash, accumulation, drift, bleed, relocate, emanation, liquify, teem, sweep over, scarper, consort, move, work, engulf, draft, breeze, run for, heighten, function, spate, ride up, allowance, lam, decrease, fertilise, Al-Anon, arise, fit, amount, surge, emanate, attend, fall, coalesce, spurt, enter, cordon, hang, come over, arc light, bunch, in, break away, descend, time period, fall down, line, eddy, breathe, derive, tend, devolve, incline, water, abound, full point, column, spring, meld, whisk, capacity, issue, fustian, phalanx, abuse, rise, AC, allocation, pullulate, upspring, overflow, maelstrom, fuse, precipitate, turn tail, cling, rich, color, period of time, crocodile, ladder, cruise, catch, idiolect, accrue, outflow, brownout, run, go down, balance, actuate, dependence, budge, big, prevail, slide, grow, menstruum, head, progress, file, fertilize, range, extend, watercourse.

fall, back up, stumble, flounder, trudge, gel, shamble, stump, drop, stamp, sink, go down, settle, lumber, plod, coagulate, clot, toil, decline, struggle, set, stomp, harden, labor, shuffle, limp, congeal, descend.

Examples of usage:

1) He that believeth on Me, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) Her mother came then to attend to her hurt, interrupting Amalia's flow of speech, and Harry went out to the animals, full of care and misgiving. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) When the stammered flow broke, she continued the silence for a little. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.