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Spell check of endure

Correct spelling: endure

give-up the ghost, ache, affirm, lodge, perish, back, reign, defend, fit, pocket, support, blend, get into, raise, lose, pass, flow, be given, avoid, guide, dominate, bust, keep up, deliver, pay, have on, remain, perpetuate, snuff it, tarry, stay, see, detain, depart, triumph, turn tail, play, operate, pop off, tire out, die hard, fly the coop, ladder, break, offer, cash in one's chips, give way, fail, travel, melt down, don, brave out, become, jade, jump out, collapse, absorb, superannuate, devote, fag out, stretch forth, put out, delay, ripen, stick up, patronage, suffer, linger, deteriorate, cease, scarper, work, carry, hurt, give birth, pull round, tolerate, gestate, corroborate, expect, permit, resolve, locomote, track down, ride out, put on, stick it out, stand out, remain firm, be, underpin, feed, lam, pass away, keep going, get, put forward, protrude, perdure, bunk, turn out, wear upon, give out, nominate, hunt down, undergo, bear up, put up with, expire, prevail, bleed, lead, anticipate, fend for, bear with, feel, kick the bucket, hold up, contribute, indorse, birth, rifle, set up, back up, inhabit, predominate, wear thin, deport, acquit, stand, reside, draw, last, hack, hunt, taste, abide, break down, post, rear, brave, live, conk out, have, persevere, plump, can, await, confront, go through, digest, stand for, brace oneself, defy, bear out, occur, endorse, watch, consort, stand firm, take, buy the farm, witness, tin, drop dead, season, project, resist, meet with, outlast, bear, proceed, move, go on, erect, rule, run away, bide, hang in, choke, run low, incline, tend, encounter, outwear, function, assume, head for the hills, croak, decease, execute, sustain, course, ply, make it, persist, range, exist, tire, domiciliate, withstand, scat, condense, subsist, die, experience, wear, hold water, continue, black market, exit, stand up, wear out, handle, weather, place upright, prolong, go, stretch out, substantiate, hold out, extend, tough out, carry on, start, know, leap out, conduct, exsert, patronize, hold on, run short, mellow, age, dwell, develop, stick out, run on, put up, jut out, live on, am, escape, outlive, race, succumb, wait, yield, accept, confirm, mature, come through, conk, jump, jut, take over, resign oneself, fend, countenance, take to the woods, break away, provide, face, lump, fatigue, meet, rest, hightail it, hold, plump for, house, fall apart, go away, wear down, comport, lean, weary, sound, contain, have a bun in the oven, run, sojourn, obtain, run for, decline, survive, plunk for, eat, allow, get going, pull through, subscribe, wear off, patronise, keep on, melt, populate, belong, concentrate, go bad, sweat out, behave, brook, unravel, stomach, stop, blend in, campaign, hang on.

cease, turn down, resist, dismiss, refrain, leave off, die, forfeit, refuse, proceed, quit, end, discontinue, reject, terminate, spurn, expire, oppose, elude, abandon, move, forbear, enjoy, avoid, escape, migrate, let up, abate, combat, bypass, circumvent, fight, close, depart, subside, contest, ebb, wind up, lapse, forfend, desist, conclude, evade, moderate, wane, miss, repudiate, journey, stop, finish, decline, pass, abstain, dodge, shun.

Examples of usage:

1) How could her mother endure the cold of the mountain all night? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) How can you think that she can endure such a journey? - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) But now- No, she could not endure the thought! - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.