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Spell check of experience

Correct spelling: experience

pose, emotion, bed, carry out, mystify, strife, assure, finger, baffle, welcome, linger, be intimate, watch, perspicacity, live on, lie with, ardor, moxie, fumble, inhabit, have intercourse, perplex, deftness, witness, invite, technique, get under one's skin, expertise, sustain, bewilder, companionship, obtain, visualize, reckon, pass, grow, amaze, pay back, deliver, get down, intimacy, birth, vex, abide, attend, receive, bring, produce, artfulness, judgment, genius, continuance, fancy, fix, start, understand, hold, adeptness, visit, incur, contract, capability, accept, survive, tolerate, chops, fetch, construe, talent, continue, involvement, dexterity, do it, suffer, begin, follow through, proficiency, get a line, knack, develop, acuity, thrill, skills, event, determine, realize, find out, practice, craft, bugger off, take in, knowledge, have got, sleep with, subsist, aptitude, persist, have it off, roll in the hay, populate, remain, mother, convey, take, run across, envision, arrest, examine, arrive, work through, competence, find, beat, give, make out, be, skill, affection, pick up, get, passion, catch, come, acquire, date, bonk, interpret, go steady, ability, live, follow out, dumbfound, view, come across, background, feature, recognise, set about, down, hold out, get word, prove, maturity, facility, persevere, jazz, become, hear, familiarity, flummox, bear, run into, sire, sleep together, have it away, wisdom, contact, generate, engender, agitation, last, possess, regard, buzz off, acquaintance, occurrence, cognize, sensation, get wind, time, nonplus, visualise, draw, happening, savor, action, cunning, sense, tarry, know, exist, implement, ascertain, adroitness, endurance, control, father, puzzle, emprise, aim, struggle, put up with, check, actuality, make, consider, make love, hold up, association, mood, gravel, throw, undergo, get it on, feeling, have a go at it, go across, activity, reality, go through, taste, stupefy, see to it, see, flair, figure, endure, seasoning, go on, acknowledge, go out, know-how, savoir-faire, set out, stimulate, tingle, have, project, cognise, existence, realise, ingest, recognize, give birth, get laid, hump, fellowship, savvy, sympathy, participation, follow up, eff, beget, take care, respond, picture, response, capture, insure, life, feverishness, wit, ensure, have sex, palpate, exposure, start out, bring forth, love, pay off, impression, participate, own, encounter, feelings, mastery, handle, touch, friendship, put through, let, consume, dwell, adventure, bang, commence, scram, run through, image, grope, learn, exploit, escort, gest, feel, sophistication, induce, go, discover, meet, stick, drive, look, devour, probe, cause.

bust, unawareness, ignorance, ignoring, rawness, unfamiliarity, bore, drag, bummer, downer, inexperience.

Examples of usage:

1) Here, from Sverdrup's experience, we had reason to expect abundant game. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Our experience was similar. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) But John had had some experience in this game of love. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.