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Spell check of break

Correct spelling: break

extravasate, apply, crock up, catch fire, consecrate, issue, prepare, disarticulate, room, devote, notice, incise, recrudesce, ruin, difference, block, adjourn, set off, dedicate, chisel in, stop, interlude, knap, check into, disjoin, choke, conk, cut out, push through, watch, curb, build up, shock, grant, explosion, flutter, estrange, profane, blast, happen upon, displacement, flight, degrade, disengage, exhibit, division, decay, resolve, tick off, ignite, go out, undo, defect, disjoint, banish, germinate, dangling, name, bisect, wild, uprise, shop, outwear, learn, luckiness, make, stoppage, collapse, set forth, teddy, snap, overstep, breed, cracking, separation, break short, relief, single out, disintegrate, axe, go bad, pall, key out, have on, hand, rift, emit, break out, appal, wear thin, fall apart, dissever, explode, sack, branch, ameliorate, shiver, abound, do, buck, slice, disturbance, display, suspension, severing, insulate, fly the coop, kibosh, come apart, spread, blockade, get around, tell apart, snag, blend in, faulting, breach, chance on, bar, divide, fall through, wrangle, decipher, detect, fluke, travel, mute, break up, lam, halt, contain, utter, lapse, give out, failure, desecrate, hoo-hah, don, mortify, disaffiliate, separate, decompose, let loose, blend, relent, scat, hold in, transmutation, get across, sort, switch, impoverish, unfasten, croak, gentle, pass, respite, bear, commit, nail, weaken, kick in, chip in, break open, chasm, depart, lull, get out, burst, unhinge, remit, lose it, excise, desist, mistake, last, cleave, remove, class, agree, damp, breakout, modernize, severalise, transmit, dash, diverge, schism, gift, rout, grow, counteract, go wrong, interim, fit, gaolbreak, de-escalate, function, widen, grass, turn tail, slit, snuff it, happen, interstice, come off, disengagement, sever, find out, present, combust, groom, ramify, explicate, put on, chip, move, sunder, peter out, afford, repair, break down, go under, get away, break in, attain, bomb, switching, snitch, rent, opening, disobey, fragmentize, trespass, disassembly, abandon, demote, check up on, moderate, smash up, alienation, getaway, muffle, cashier, carve up, buffer, wear, expose, come upon, scatter, flaw, ascertain, poop out, demolish, live, match, release, boom, work shift, secernate, hold on, exit, describe, put in, interruption, evolve, intermission, run short, tally, tell, void, get by, identify, clean out, leave, undermine, perforate, spite, wash, ensure, alienate, start, part, hand out, continue, fracture, disconnect, flare, time out, cave in, shatter, expire, pause, fail, perish, delay, get word, disclose, ravish, tear, bring out, tell on, control, abeyance, cut in, plunder, jailbreak, knowledge, raid, severalize, let on, take to the woods, come out, suspension system, soften, drop dead, shift key, spoil, yield, impart, rot, degenerate, disassociate, belch, bump, generate, give off, splinter, end, go away, infract, holiday, take fire, chemise, to-do, light upon, breath, resist, postponement, chequer, dissociation, hesitate, suspend, leak, temporary removal, establish, go, gulf, distribute, dull, culminate, pick, die out, unwrap, dismantle, give-up the ghost, wound, fag out, correspond, breakage, bypass, wear upon, quit, slip, split, hanging, pull out, anatomize, tire out, error, draw, spring up, dishonor, smash, fragment, sound, check out, acquire, overwhelm, gap, conflagrate, violate, see to it, kerfuffle, work, pick up, sin, encounter, pique, run, rise, distinguish, tame, introduce, founder, dislocation, produce, crumple, wear out, cease, downgrade, ease up, conk out, erupt, shot, become flat, decease, key, mark off, look into, corner, give way, amputate, deferral, postpone, cut short, train, analyze, betray, reprieve, commotion, let out, belong, ravine, discontinuity, accident, burst out, stag, cut off, cleavage, unbind, hitch, secede, flare up, miscarry, give up, buy the farm, run low, gibe, fissure, bankrupt, geological fault, barricade, abyss, housebreak, insure, reveal, shimmy, differentiate, falling out, assume, dissection, break of serve, discontinue, abatement, carry, assort, terminate, tire, dampen, inlet, disintegration, fragmentise, breaking, bust, flout, occasion, flunk, put out, intercept, contribute, dissipate, find, stay, condition, destroy, transgress, discover, chance, uncouple, penetrate, operate, break-dance, break off, opportunity, kick the bucket, go against, chip off, get wind, mending, dissolve, pull, checker, disruption, open frame, locomote, breather, reach, prisonbreak, luck, snap off, educate, break through, check over, outrage, rest period, recession, good fortune, step down, break away, flop, unveil, dispel, scupper, irrupt, pierce, rip, enter, partition, putrefy, communicate, suss out, parting, dissect, bursting, secern, disagreement, get going, amend, open, col, uncover, altercation, bristle, disrupt, split up, despoil, return, disconnection, offend, interval, injure, hurt, improve, fold, lay off, denounce, halve, duty period, turn, disunite, check off, crash, get off, tone down, fork, out, severance, lead, give away, formulate, die, set out, stop over, intermit, butt in, fall flat, close, disperse, sort out, meliorate, chime in, decrypt, get a line, assure, furcate, loosen, survive, transformation, notch, cushion, rat, crevice, feed, hurly burly, wear off, determine, endanger, disjunction, appall, live on, rest, calve, master, pass out, cut, disunity, scandalize, crumble, moisten, kick downstairs, segregation, assemble, break apart, hear, join, take off, demerit, puncture, disassemble, interrupt, rupture, deflower, get together, shifting, weary, render, mince, incision, detach, refrain, assault, extend, get about, hold out, farm, bunk, divorce, recess, become, scandalise, run down, fall upon, make grow, start out, check, modernise, shift, bang up, defy, hightail it, happy chance, strike, fatigue, show, rifle, bruise, leave off, analyse, dispute, neglect, wear down, jibe, throw, run out, fall in, prison-breaking, discipline, pare, debunk, turn over, hols, pauperize, peril, dissociate, good luck, domesticate, segregate, turn back, crush, succumb, head for the hills, cash in one's chips, go around, get, originate, money, see, observe, pop off, drop, mark, pay, endure, discriminate, knock, divulge, perturbation, herd, arrest, have, arise, jade, countermine, sabotage, hiatus, submit, space, hold, move over, rend, contravene, get into, finish, barge in, develop, pass away, disturb, proceed, give, report, puzzle out, convey, classify, tick, health, relieve, deaden, help, flush it, go to pieces, kick, transpire, rive, run away, chance upon, take apart, short-circuit, hold back, go over, escape, sacrifice, pass on, crack up, subvert, take out, dislodge, cleft, plump, bring on, reduce, infringe, hoo-ha, come across, dishonour, stifle, better, disassociation, niche, tumble, hold up, publish, swing, fault, scarper, block up, eruption, block off, detachment, relegate, ranch.

endangerment, incarceration, elevate, promote, conform to, hazard, imprisonment, jeopardy, bind, imperilment, internment, attach, endurance, progress, advance, repair, captivity, retention, detention, trouble, join, restore, touch on, confinement, custody, fasten, weld, furbish up, bushel, extension, kick upstairs, make, risk, solder, raise, keep, continuation, peril, mend, secure, upgrade, unite, progression, persistence, doctor, fix, holding, immurement, hold, observe, prolongation.

Examples of usage:

1) It was hard for Mary to break the silence. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Don't break away from me. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) No. Will you break my heart? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.