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Spell check of fit

Correct spelling: fit

hold in, trim, raiment, choke, wrap up, sound, compatible, worthy, check off, clothe, amount to, locomote, relevant, auspicious, jibe, serviceable, please, competent, formulate, run low, conk out, chime, add together, comport with, fit in with, hold back, hold, convulse, break, check over, find out, black out, able-bodied, determine, chequer, go away, fulfil, kick the bucket, contortion, hearty, congenial, congruous, volley, devise, foregather, tolerable, contents, sum, harmonise, develop, beseem, accommodate, practicable, parallel, mark off, fail, depart, outfit, come across, scene, befit, function, accommodating, wear, pop off, equate, check, conciliate, extend, vital, due, compose, close, embed, bury, suffer, whole, consist, proceed, curry, all right, accouter, consort, follow, travel, apropos, gybe, go bad, check out, conditioned, salvo, accord, give way, OK, bag, employable, add up, turn back, acclimatize, surge, oblige, unseemly, go, rival, matched, belong, scenery, opportune, play, appropriate, disconnect, aspect, check up on, ready-made, crate, order, apt, ensure, agreeable, give, fulfill, consistent, flounder, stun, pit, rifle, acclimate, cash in one's chips, satisfactory, provide, operable, conniption, bed, run, represent, add, dress, twin, educate, shot, construct, acceptable, ground, get together, stand for, control, effective, suss out, garment, arrange, feasible, exit, equalise, delay, harmonious, hit, bottle, work, likely, pass out, full-bodied, to the point, rig, conformable, felicitous, desirable, survive, apparel, hardy, check into, hug, live, go over, fidget, assure, oppose, burst, tot, harbor, rightful, adequate, coincide, rack up, tasteful, flash, fitting, gibe, admissible, ideal, drape, break down, befitting, jeer, faint, cope with, commodious, flout, tot up, bunch, see to it, last, pair, habilitate, croak, impulse, bouncing, hang, pretty, conform to, strong, make, approximate, setting, insure, well, beneficial, suitable, vigorous, speak for itself, decent, equal, chalk up, snuff it, apposite, draft, reasonable, exploitable, teach, go under, hale, fall down, put on, equip, suited, fitted, paroxysm, fill, harmonize, correspondent, primed, concur, start, agree, proper, serve, receive, hold up, convenient, automate, available, equitable, commensurate, seemly, drop dead, upheaval, flow, functional, concurrent, decorous, run short, jib, live on, plump, include, total, unfit, turmoil, qualified, explosion, attach, run into, become, take on, collapse, adjust, becoming, play off, adjoin, curb, assemble, convulsion, blend in, prospect, lecture, flail, operate, germane, hold out, match up, foster, lodge, benefit, favorable, fir for, well-chosen, tailor-made, give-up the ghost, conform, cover up, suit, implement, apply, train, tantrum, tailor, wholesome, checker, move, advantageous, box, cram, alter, prime, knock out, respectable, possible, get dressed, condition, tally, measure up, run across, entomb, chipper, square, fine, perfect, endure, pat, scoff, adapted, initiate, tote up, calculated, enclothe, see, furnish, admit, happy, view, fidgety, equalize, hook into, couple, catch, spurt, summate, watch, flare-up, learn, change course, dovetail, house, blend, click, come up to, applicable, pull on, discipline, try on, marshal, appoint, unsuited, tog, ready, gear, fix, tutor, expire, concord, lucky, ascertain, ride up, able, contact, forgather, seasonable, induct, encounter, expedient, stop, tick, eligible, center, flush, comely, pass away, give out, robust, panorama, timely, lead, sufficient, slip into, barrack, have, moderate, coach, contain, score, salient, conk, good, change, get going, buy the farm, pucker, lively, prepare, prepared, fusillade, consonant, right, gather, arrest, satisfy, vista, accordant, breathe, die, garb, mark, set, adapt, preferable, mate, disagree, healthy, meet, picture, fit in, useful, contort, accord with, perish, instruct, sum up, salubrious, capable, correspond, normal, tick off, fit out, slump, pertinent, converge, legitimate, rush, go with, connect, outburst, pass, look into, quadrate, fabricate, geared to, relate, decease, mobilize, in condition, touch, efficient, respond, fashion, qualify, spasm, get, wise, alarm, live up to, energetic, reconcile, turn out, match, twinge, spry, fit to, well-conditioned.

fragile, impaired, beginning, bad, worthless, lordotic, dipped, apractic, incapacitated, crookbacked, humpbacked, unmeet, sickly, crippled, flat-footed, feeble, nonfunctional, malapropos, halt, debilitated, swaybacked, inapt, unsound, decrepit, impracticable, unsatisfactory, crookback, misbecoming, soft, raw, graceless, knock-kneed, inoperable, weakened, unwell, worn-out, unhappy, unusable, inexperienced, disaccord, unbecoming, mutilated, broken-backed, unprepared, improper, inferior, differently abled, maimed, delicate, frail, incorrect, bandy, unskillful, bowleg, unapt, enfeebled, swayback, unskilled, unfitting, new, unfitted, indecorous, bowed, unequal, uncongenial, unseasoned, inappropriate, malnourished, incapable, flaccid, inadequate, incongruous, unseemly, inapplicable, infirm, afflicted, unbeseeming, gibbous, emaciated, apraxic, unacceptable, flabby, intolerable, untried, insufficient, inapposite, run-down, infelicitous, sickened, ill, untrained, untested, diseased, disagree, unemployable, kyphotic, poor, unhealthy, game, incompetent, lame, green, challenged, weak, subhuman, half-baked, unavailable, gaunt, unfit, gammy, humped, inexpert, unready, unsuitable, poorly, hunchbacked, unschooled, spavined, troubled, discord, ailing, indecent, sick, halting, weakly, incompatible, disqualified, unqualified, bandy-legged, wrong, disabled, useless, handicapped, haggard, inept, bowlegged, undernourished.

Examples of usage:

1) He ran to the dressing- tent and, finding a key to fit Leo's trunk, opened it. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) It gave me a fit! - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) I- I- well, I haven't a dress fit to wear! - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.