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Spell check of class

Correct spelling: class

course of study, adjust, spirit, feather, twelvemonth, array, sect, stock, fineness, split, army, devise, break up, kind, menage, classroom, secernate, cabal, label, kin, bod, vein, build, position, company, relegate, scheme, clinic, beginnings, purism, soma, row, genus, tell apart, crystalize, manner, like, strain, coterie, dissever, humor, shape, people, stamp, physique, schedule, normalize, methodize, designate, talent, hierarchy, breed, repute, subject, social class, order, university, gift, clear up, trend, skill, collate, lights out, after-school, compose, genre, association, aspect, assort, phylum, nature, score, taste, screen out, prepare, discrimination, estate, shunt, name, source, mold, regulate, ground level, establish, chassis, course of instruction, A.A., affiliate, mood, description, be, collegiate, associate degree, subordinate, kinsfolk, lesson, colloquium, individuality, course, frame, carve up, competence, first class, institute, phase, crystalise, course of action, type, value, pattern, air division, selection, configuration, club, programme, elegancy, precedence, single out, 2.2, prowess, species, var., socio-economic class, place, kinfolk, charm, plot, brood, aptitude, board, streak, nobility, partition, signifier, unsnarl, fall apart, family, group, ed., separate, station, style, class-conscious, clear, part, grade, sixth form, rate, series, kingdom, level, curriculum, figure, category, split up, moiety, sort out, kidney, divide, plan, province, stratum, tone, domain, support, sift, unique, section, clique, department, derivation, screen, yr, come apart, the bourgeoisie, variance, program, league, family line, fellowship, anatomy, balance, illuminate, pedigree, corps, articles, assembly, year, dignity, schoolroom, preschool, furcate, segmentation, tier, experience, head, genotype, physical body, ability, unusual, household, habit, integrate, designation, syllabus, stripe, categorize, gentry, committee, ramify, make, ilk, degree, stature, consort, clan, form, majesty, lecture, mediate, different, secern, contour, classless, crime syndicate, classiness, free period, bachelor's degree, property, range, path, track, character, sphere, seminar, systematize, distinction, grain, stabilize, delicacy, extraction, stateliness, naval division, crystallise, rank, half-day, unify, connection, bourgeois, cast, society, correct, severalise, distinguish, manakin, folk, high school, doctoral, word form, day school, room, control, reputation, straighten out, railpass, descent, sectionalisation, sort, mob, sept, handsomeness, fix, advanced degree, disposition, circle, stratify, condition, home, collection, genealogy, refinement, disunite, lineage, mark, human body, house, family unit, classify, title, crash course, elegance, rubric, consortium, passenger, origin, coalition, straphanging, schematize, bracket, denomination, recitation, material body, body, differentiate, mastery, break, prestige, set, pigeonhole, layer, apprenticeship, maintain, caste, partitioning, tribe, structure, severalize, associate, syndicate, brand, coach, rail, fork, student government, fashion, second class, peculiarity, temperament, persuasion, influence, B.A., sieve, classification, tell, arrange, 2.1, chart, college, proficiency, marshal, sectionalization, gradation, right, courtliness, division, grad, mannikin, state, grace, caliber, variant, descriptor, enlighten, conformation, temper, orchestrate, phratry, elucidate, playtime, kinsperson, background, correspondence course, step, flesh, harmonize, birth, characterize, taxonomy, quality, suit, Associate of Arts, design, race, power, settle, extended school, personality, concentration, crystallize, classism, school, baccalaureate, discipline, shed light on, student council, color, mannequin, dean's list, variety, cross section, status, beneath, organize, gracefulness, manikin, subdivision, discriminate, grouping, standing, ancestry, line, honor society, rationalize, cultivation, session, branch.

flamboyance, kitsch, baseness, degradation, subordination, gracelessness, grotesquerie, inelegance, vulgarity, flashiness, crudeness, debasement, garishness, inferiority, lowness, tawdriness, subordinateness, grotesqueness, tastelessness, gaudiness, coarseness, lowliness, commonness, glitz.

Examples of usage:

1) Why didn't her class come out? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) I've been lonely, I've wanted a human hand in mine, a woman's of my own class. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) Men as a class are used to it and can stand it. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.