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Spell check of condition

Correct spelling: condition

soma, cast, causation, restriction, particularise, habituate, event, contain, frame, contour, fountain, check into, tick off, ascertain, stand, reason, be, landmark, terminus, as is, hold, arrest, mark off, requirement, specialise, status, health, stricture, motivate, confines, origin, physical body, determine, fettle, blow-dry, curse, prepare, sort out, moment, occasion, insure, cardinal point, control, essential, anatomy, bod, aim, barometer, standing, stop, kilter, develop, restrict, material body, distemperature, delimitate, collapse, ague, weather, fetter, disease, preservation, need, delay, braid, jibe, background, modality, seasonal, consideration, situation, conjuncture, infection, proviso, placement, enter, post script, catch, accustom, comb out, ail, exception, characterise, tone, needful, temperate, usual, contingency, mode, instant, specify, rail, fever, post, trim, location, moderate, contagion, characterize, educate, stipulate, break, ill, basis, better, setting, modification, go over, term, originator, check, hold back, milestone, constraint, hold sway, source, modify, creator, juncture, affection, reservation, disorder, motive, necessity, trouble, unhealthiness, antecedent, look into, caveat, happening, queasiness, complication, cause, environment, designate, weather forecast, qualify, trail, tick, throw back on, correspond, distemper, position, inevitability, malady, context, formation, allowance, causality, fix, checker, aspect, keep down, mold, crimp, physique, ambience, full term, spasm, check over, inexorability, apoplexy, mitigation, malaise, actor, must-have, if, qualification, wellness, restraint, nick, mark, experimental condition, spot, necessary, quality, cure, shape, set, limit, build, circumstance, discipline, check off, inure, measure up, infliction, influence, comb, civilise, narrow, destine, style, confine, human body, precedent, curb, string, retainer, find out, demand, incidence, designer, virus, sine qua non, imperative, chequer, pin down, school, prohibition, indisposition, illness, climate, clause, chassis, disability, learn, pestilence, mandate, incline, given, figure, civilize, tally, coach, gibe, power, range, prerequisite, circumscription, constitution, scene, train, particularize, site, syndrome, hold in, obligation, conditions, considerateness, embodiment, see, limited, delineate, keeping, peg down, zone, occurrence, limitation, groom, cultivate, ailment, sickness, well-being, suss out, terminal figure, bug, attack, dispose, regulate, decrepitude, cornrow, feverishness, fitness, form, correct, specialize, spring, symptom, boundary, stipulation, set apart, fit, nausea, assign, sickliness, repair, spell, order, presumption, mental health, handicap, wont, state, check out, define, judicial admission, arrangement, intend, match, check up on, debility, episode, state of affairs, property, nail down, agent, epidemic, specification, article, layout, infirmity, composition, station, estate, assure, former, watch, backcomb, barbershop, compulsion, pattern, disposition, conformation, narrow down, must, take, take aim, author, direct, thoughtfulness, predispose, ill health, climatic, complaint, meteorology, provision, precondition, agree, requisite, implant, see to it, codicil, flesh, breakdown, turn back, ensure, configuration, delimit.

frill, amenity, latitude, end, heartiness, fitness, surplus, extravagance, comfort, consequence, fruit, surplusage, robustness, creation, result, wholeness, indulgence, disorder, superfluity, wellness, outcome, event, nonnecessity, disrepair, health, product, extra, shape, soundness, development, nonessential, wholesomeness, luxury, fettle, healthiness, outgrowth, issue, effect, freedom.

Examples of usage:

1) That was the condition on which I gave them. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) And is that their present condition? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) Well, and the other condition? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.