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Spell check of establish

Correct spelling: establish

move over, stool, root, point, certify, prove, tack together, audit, separate, break, enact, embed, read, situate, endorse, commit, classify, engraft, balance, put up, comprise, ensconce, constitute, collapse, take a crap, stimulate, strand, entrench, render, depose, inaugurate, scheme, uphold, validate, witness, grant, shape, testify, leaven, live, program, avouch, substantiate, bring in, nominate, pee-pee, design, arrive at, shew, effectuate, usher, stabilize, fix, build, fall in, impart, introduce, reach, piddle, dedicate, rest, discover, bring, show up, make water, state, earn, institute, array, ease up, station, take in, prepare, pitch, rate, imbed, over, illustrate, determine, hand, organize, gift, express, evidence, attest, pull in, screen, categorize, chart, produce, instal, underpin, ratify, locate, evince, build up, erect, unify, double-check, rank, lay down, connect, sift, try out, relieve oneself, free-base, give way, tack, uproot, get, promulgate, structure, yield, graft, post, pretend, put, fasten, show, launch, orchestrate, lodge, create, corroborate, pass on, authenticate, contribute, order, verify, regulate, demo, politics, pass water, class, make up, run aground, picture, essay, bear witness, lay out, leave, put in, examine, innovate, realize, rear, entrap, initiate, plan, build in, test, march, progress, methodize, get to, assure, put together, founder, wee, confirm, systematize, work up, vouch, cause, designate, plant, unearth, integrate, grade, register, indicate, stratify, set up, ground, observe, practice, base, represent, rationalize, pigeonhole, spot, maintain, support, arrange, record, form, generate, cave in, effect, progress to, position, normalize, anchor, control, seat, frame, take a leak, sort, pay, lay the foundation for, originate, plot, score, settle, mediate, raise, take a shit, make believe, micturate, give, have, prime, kick in, unsettle, gain, draw, secure, schedule, insert, undercoat, realise, set in motion, attain, sanction, group, pass, hit, ensnare, lay, instate, present, clear, right, puddle, ready, induce, set, implant, authorize, turn up, appoint, ramp up, be, throw, exemplify, work, do, apply, depict, demonstrate, find out, chip in, betoken, check, seduce, manifest, find, unsnarl, return, found, devote, cast, wee-wee, harmonize, exhibit, piece, compose, turn over, pioneer, plunge, take, ascertain, consecrate, marshal, make, document, strengthen, install, rise, pinpoint, turn out, construct, subordinate, begin, sacrifice, bear out, collate, assemble, legislate, predicate, cook, spend a penny, connote, schematize, adduce, hold, try, start, gear up, action, sustain, name, learn, afford, feed, rig, adjust, type, devise, ca-ca, open, ordain, place, decree, declare.

wrap up, terminate, assume, annul, object, overthrow, close, abrogate, console, finish, disprove, guess, round, stop, get rid of, halt, abolish, presume, allege, unsettle, refute, shake, surmise, nullify, invalidate, end, destroy, discredit, suspect, annihilate, condole with, challenge, conjecture, rebut, weaken, shatter, upset, phase out, cancel, wind up, shut, dispute, confute.

Examples of usage:

1) The method of the league was to establish, as a sphere of operation, German working men's improvement associations everywhere. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) It was another matter to establish these facts on a witness stand. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) I never intended to establish myself in that town. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.