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Spell check of develop

Correct spelling: develop

perplex, ascend, direct, organize, unwind, discipline, modernise, mature, climb, break down, let, bring on, expose, split, grind, generate, set out, catch, become, bugger off, emerge, decrease, furnish, train, flesh, fall apart, break out, get up, ready, burgeon forth, intermit, approach, gain, make, induct, take aim, find, jump, extend, move up, distend, smash, make known, start, fracture, cook, last, damage, commence, snap off, enrich, give, maturate, resurrect, spring, age, fortify, go up, start out, mount, deepen, shape up, state, violate, turn out, build on, nonplus, pay back, dumbfound, gird, take on, initialize, impend, perfect, shoot, break dance, excogitate, destine, part, incur, discover, create, bust, give out, augment, stick, stretch, beat, mother, fix up, receive, experience, phrase, fill out, puzzle, gravel, sprout, get down, bristle, induce, come up, obtain, machinate, set, increase, arrive, recrudesce, kin, capture, vex, uncover, check, rail, sustain, beget, bob up, mellow, explicate, spud, ensue, detail, manufacture, relegate, coach, founder, make grow, heighten, bring, split up, wax, stupefy, work up, begin, damp, groom, dampen, bring about, draw, promote, enlarge, forge, narrate, come about, happen, contrive, climb up, farm, pay off, get around, break off, refine, scram, devise, pullulate, separate, intensify, fit, school, evolve, construct, weaken, mystify, larn, outfit, embark, aim, buzz off, pose, dawn, finish, stem, rear, give away, demote, eventuate, birth, work out, turn, pass, initiate, recount, season, fatten, formulate, fetch, trail, bring out, get out, tell, inflate, transpire, contract, sire, father, die, amaze, befall, dress, get, flummox, magnify, mobilize, disentangle, widen, advance, build up, burst, increment, expatiate, take, follow, win, sicken, collapse, give voice, fashion, betide, transgress, arrange, cultivate, drive, exhibit, draft, marshal, ripen, spring up, conceive, labor, break in, dilate, conk out, baffle, acquire, have, break up, execute, ruin, surface, adopt, carve, hatch, introduce, endure, summarize, kick downstairs, lift, better, hap, uprise, ramp up, bring forth, give rise, interrupt, rise, go bad, disclose, exploit, come off, suffer, condition, explain, lengthen, originate, come, elaborate, bump, arm, unravel, cave in, compose, form, result, give way, articulate, youth, decline, thrash, produce, invent, arrest, cause, come apart, let on, gear up, account for, breach, reduce, bourgeon, offend, modernize, pause, prime, fail, unroll, arise, undertake, curry, bankrupt, hide, germinate, realize, infract, fall in, equip, unfurl, assume, organise, prepare, let out, wear out, inaugurate, break away, conceal, bud, civilize, divulge, fill in, expand, grow, spread, improve, occur, prove, stop, grow up, foster, burgeon, civilise, build, rise up, raise, amplify, break, reveal, show, set up, rebel, set about, soften, thicken, progress, strengthen, wear, beautify, go, broaden, stand up, overhaul, manifest, convey, unwrap, bewilder, go against, discontinue, educate, get under one's skin, fix, word, erupt, swell, deteriorate, polish, engorge, stimulate, fabricate, engender, learn, unfold.

desert, curtail, jettison, worsen, droop, lapse, flag, ditch, fling, contract, tear down, reject, demolish, throw away, backslide, slough, decay, amputate, degenerate, outline, compress, shuck, deteriorate, cast, throw out, shed, return, retrogress, dismantle, epitomize, regress, lose, boil down, sink, ruin, wilt, retrench, abridge, sag, reduce, undo, condense, junk, wane, shorten, summarize, abbreviate, sum up, waste, decline, weaken, wreck, destroy, shrivel, fade, abandon, cut down, unmake, unload, dry, discard, wither, scrap, revert, raze, forsake, dump.

Examples of usage:

1) He would fight it, let it develop as it would- but, during these weeks, in the sunlight, he thought nothing of it at all, but only with eager eyes watched his father. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

2) But, to her surprise, eleven weeks observation failed to develop the first indication of insanity. - "Marital Power Exemplified in Mrs. Packard's Trial, and Self-Defence from the Charge of Insanity", Elizabeth Parsons Ware Packard.

3) No rude state of society can develop a pattern, which is the result of evolution. - "The Literature of Ecstasy", Albert Mordell.