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Spell check of grow

Correct spelling: grow

give rise, leaven, enlarge, move around, parent, erect, add to, deform, bring up, crop, heighten, ferment, business plan, amaze, work up, evoke, convey, modernise, pay back, soar, recrudesce, step up, puzzle, choke, cross-pollinate, amplify, wax, cellular, sustain, set out, promote, bring about, asset, kindle, set about, explicate, snowball, engorge, look up, feed, levy, deadhead, arrest, arouse, wrench, build up, senesce, outgrow, work, become, gain, culture medium, break, lessen, assume, acquire, bewilder, shape up, abbreviate, pullulate, flex, flummox, aerate, make grow, mother, tend, lift, bear, uprise, call on, breed, bring on, sprain, truncate, formulate, youth, flourish, account, stimulate, burgeon, buzz off, let, rear, learn, cannibalize, pick up, grow up, stick, initiate, go up, thrive, set up, dilate, flow, come out, maturate, multiply, invoke, mount, reproduction, spring up, turn into, foster, gravel, be, impede, luxuriate, put up, aim, extend, receive, originate, enhance, get up, beget, broking, open out, aggrandize, get on, look, arrive, pose, come over, upraise, turn out, stupefy, go, put forward, bloom, run, surface, upgrade, mystify, come, experience, suffer, resurrect, capacity, nurture, start out, draw, develop, business, supersize, fetch, add, find, beat, induce, bob up, generate, suppurate, stir, form, widen, bring, sour, flower, advance, incur, educate, climb, stretch, double, bristle, bend, elongate, take on, drive, start, shift, catch, make, escalate, evolve, raise, call forth, recruit, change, bring forth, get under one's skin, father, farm, inflate, broaden, spread, beef up, shrink, ease off, conjure up, rick, magnify, train, get down, alter, produce, telescope, modernize, prepare, rebel, nonplus, turn, release, begin, care for, fix, abound, change by reversal, improve, shoot up, better, contract, change state, wrick, move up, ascend, germinate, cell membrane, mature, enkindle, kick upstairs, blossom, dumbfound, cross-fertilize, adopt, nurse, compost, rise, proliferate, progress, build, have, provoke, plow, distend, drill, chloroplast, book, win, cut, beauty parade, reverse, get, catch up, swell, fester, turn over, start up, branch out, perplex, work out, capture, sire, cytology, elevate, expand, vex, conjure, propagate, commence, take, sharpen, sprout, augment, thicken, arise, shorten, call down, increment, maximize, bugger off, engender, accumulate, create, obtain, fire, fill out, recover, cultivate, stand up, twist, boost, bonsai, regress, fatten, climb up, age, lengthen, baffle, pass, fade, plough, prosper, rise up, harm, plant, accrue, mellow, bud, bring out, prove, pay off, scram, cell, dress, die back, ripen, increase, larn, feel, cell wall, continue, reinforce, come off, run up, brokerage, function, jump, upsurge, come up, culture, elicit, take off, bed out, cause, appear.

dig, pull, retrogress, be, abide, continue, sag, shrivel, stay, flag, dry, mow, droop, fade, cut, remain, wane, weaken, pick, decay, sink, decline, wilt, linger, lapse, worsen, backslide, revert, return, deteriorate, regress, wither, pluck, waste, extirpate, degenerate, hay, uproot.

Examples of usage:

1) Now don't let th' grass grow undther yer flat feet, ye divil. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) " I'm going to play in the band when I grow up," he confided. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) But to have a boy grow into a young man like Peter Junior- so straight and fine and beautiful- and then to have him come and say: 'I'm going to help save our country and will die for it if I must! - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.