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Spell check of burden

Correct spelling: burden

forfeit, execute, bill, mire, crucifixion, preventive, encumbrance, snag, encumber, onus, stop, contents, abatement, weight down, hindrance, castigation, turn on, freight, discount, meat, bane, nub, center, tribulation, persecution, reprise, incarcerate, block, difficulty, deter, catastrophe, congestion, foul, hinderance, barrier, peril, afflict, stoppage, constipate, agonize, incarceration, impediment, package, lade, responsibility, bottleneck, load, complicate, grief, haul, crimp, burthen, struggle, hard luck, congest, dolor, warhead, inconvenience, problem, duty, lodge, necessity, charge, marrow, constraint, clog, curse, drag, shoot down, keelhaul, event, send, imprison, avenge, rainy day, obstacle, deterrent, bear down, trouble, misadventure, consignment, paralyze, agony, impasse, inhibit, entangle, disturbance, curb, verdict, pith, loading, buck, bad luck, restraint, heavy, result, consign, mare, choke, bung, hardship, appoint, castigate, misfortune, affliction, trial, shoot, millstone, blame, judge, frustration, pack, bar, payload, office, snarl, punishment, poverty, restriction, commit, tragedy, resistance, weight, distress, outlay, cost, stay, inwardness, impression, institutionalize, excite, magnetic core, over, chastise, reprisal, task, handicap, woe, embarrass, incumbency, gist, revenge, interference, chastisement, obstruction, retribute, constipation, damper, tangle, stowage, issue, core group, hitch, brake, casualty, adversity, mishap, tax, rouse, blockage, persecute, fee, obligation, entrapment, execution, entrap, pillory, oppose, hinder, frustrate, interrupt, essence, shipment, upshot, sum, kernel, disadvantage, anguish, do, disaster, file, deduct, cripple, punish, interruption, heart and soul, try, impede, dead weight, imprisonment, premium, blight, payment, baffle, impedance, agitate, impair, saddle, effect, heart, offer, hurdle, judgment, imposition, hamstring, incubus, lading, baggage, plug, restrict, hard times, confinement, let down, blockade, accuse, confine, angle, tear, chore, worth, complication, drawback, commove, counter, catch, point, throttle, calamity, delay, force, deduction, correction, fine, impedimenta, torment, devoir, cramp, must, abate, discipline, cross, cargo, correct, detain, imperative, rate, hamper, lambaste, level, count against, nitty-gritty, headache, price, opposition, expense, perfume, constrain, inhibition, incumbrance, check, misery, substance, bring up against, nuisance, torture, entanglement, need, retribution, commitment, nucleus, dam, ordeal, obstruct, charge up, sentence, hold back, impost, infliction, fetter, destitution, cumber, resist, draft, plague, forfeiture, preventative, outcome, strain, penalize, institutionalise, thwart, chasten, contretemps, consequence, crucify, jam, centre, penalty, poorness, core, restrain, lode, bafflement.

ease, postponement, loophole, disburden, option, stay, grace, alternative, relief, selection, unburden, exemption, release, discharge, waiver, pick, preference, choice.

Examples of usage:

1) You are not a burden, Amalia. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) There, too, in the full light stood a woman ready to help and to bear unflinchingly her share of the burden. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) She stopped within arm's length, pale and scared, her large eyes burning with the burden of the secret she carried. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.