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Spell check of impediment

Correct spelling: impediment

baulk, dumb, obstruction, constipation, balk, gridlock, preventive, bottleneck, bridle, protest, help, damper, mire, block, red tape, fight, complication, constriction, entanglement, cheque, developmental disability, counteraction, arrest, burden, cramp, tick, bondage, friction, objection, predicament, control, stumbling block, confrontation, entrapment, bung, adversary, catch, tab, jam, thwarter, drag, detention, aid, assay, repulsion, congestion, constraint, chip, dispute, stop, preventative, chit, barrier, obstructer, stammer, disablement, hinderance, lisp, chain, rub, bank check, tie, drawback, handicap, halt, fault, impairment, flaw, leash, curb, retardation, brake, interruption, snag, restriction, prohibition, choke, load, obstructor, impasse, contradiction, shackle, confirmation, snarl, blockade, ataxia, resistance, barricade, trammel, bafflement, obstinacy, tangle, impedimenta, bar, opposition, conflict, inconvenience, hamper, clog, detriment, manacle, disadvantage, interference, obstructionist, checkout, restraint, setback, deterrent, stammering, joker, crimp, blockage, delay, holdup, verification, incumbrance, impedance, confinement, challenged, traverse, check-out procedure, accessible, disability, defiance, obstacle, counterattack, plug, repression, check, embarrassment, hitch, resister, wall, check mark, detainment, disagreement, inhibition, problem, encumbrance, stay, challenge, substantiation, stoppage, stricture, collar, rebuff, halting, open, disabled, hurdle, tether, stuttering, antagonism, frustration, dam, stutter, hindrance, suppression, difficulty, rafter.

benefit, relief, succor, help, aid, advantage, assistance.

Examples of usage:

1) He would have found it an embarrassing impediment in his business. - "Command", William McFee.

2) Both Field and the venerable doctor had a slight impediment in speech at the beginning of a sentence or in addressing anyone. - "Eugene Field, A Study In Heredity And Contradictions", Slason Thompson.

3) To terminate this very rapid and imperfect sketch of the history of Orleans, I will introduce a brief summary, with the remark, however, that the Louisianians had every impediment thrown in their way in endeavoring to become a prosperous and happy people. - "Eight days in New Orleans in February, 1847", Albert James Pickett.