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Spell check of choke

Correct spelling: choke

encumber, garotte, blend in, burke, gnarl, blockage, choke back, cry out, scratch, get going, breathe out, gall, fill, burden, die out, gearshift, quench, overpower, start, conk, kick the bucket, inhibition, hamper, hand, congestion, pass by, muffler, cramp, plug, fastener, survive, entanglement, fall, drawback, glide by, go, gag, run low, quell, endure, decease, shut off, communicate, burn, lapse, live on, gum, gearbox, back off, support, ignition, buy the farm, murmur, choke off, cash in one's chips, belong, plump, impasse, flop, obstacle, taillights, stop, choke down, restraint, locomote, entangle, congest, barricade, trammel, camshaft, go away, blow, return, retch, give, restrain, hood, gasp, stamp out, foul, stall, turn over, brake pad, faint, bolt, smother, burn out, go by, clear, hindrance, go bad, defile, fray, last, opposition, snarl, draw, bud, travel, complicate, clutch, recoil, arrest, bomb, gulp, befoul, choke coil, sigh, occlude, exhaust, saturate, restrict, exhale, muzzle, quaver, inhale, modulate, bumper, continue, depart, go past, pass, slip away, baffle, constrain, swoon, clog, run out, blockade, limit, lead, rankle, languish, chassis, harm, chafe, break down, pop off, bung, happen, breathless, delay, stifle, give way, pass on, guide, make pass, hurdle, deter, curb, stuff, cronk, speedometer, leave, go along, resistance, fall out, complication, impede, come about, operate, block, drop, blow over, eliminate, pass off, live, brake, alternator, transmission, impedance, thwart, lock, crush, odometer, fail, brake fluid, stock, accelerator, fetter, radiator, miss, blend, garrotte, back up, fleet, make it, hyperventilate, gibbet, automatic transmission, become flat, clog up, drag, pulmonary, become, overload, go through, pollute, contaminate, mutter, move, croak, entrap, authorize, sink, dashboard, resist, heavily, thrive, heave, generator, perish, come out, run, crankcase, extinguish, deterrent, snag, back away, muffle, stoppage, legislate, evanesce, quash, frustration, handicap, indrawn, spend, seal, squash, obstruct, pack, hinder, transcend, exit, crimp, constipate, bound, hold out, expire, jam, inhibit, hap, fuss, dam, mire, disadvantage, top, strangle, suppress, choking coil, gear, bearings, erode, run short, overstep, grate, crowd, cork, collapse, hold up, catch, hush, closure, stopper, reach, rifle, crankshaft, exceed, oppose, bloom, founder, excrete, impair, tangle, steering wheel, take place, fall through, ABS, eat into, occur, impediment, wound, clot, pall, halter, lift, noose, back, fall down, fret, hold back, hamstring, fizzle, strangulate, win, barrier, cram, rise, surpass, interrupt, differential, distributor, dampen, breathe, kill off, acceleration, overhaul, counter, interruption, cowl, come up, devolve, sit on, blossom, throttle, crash, conk out, cripple, confine, snuff it, niggle, fade, fit, break, spark plug, cut into, squeeze out, slide by, carburetor, drop dead, scrag, eat away, constraint, harden, asphyxiate, glove compartment, pass out, manifold, breath, deep, proceed, climb, paralyze, function, deeply, hold down, disable, get, encumbrance, fan, rub, stay, bar, bafflement, cringe, go on, give out, grumble, frustrate, obstruction, full, air brake, go across, give-up the ghost, repress, die, close, embarrass, shrink, shout, maculate, entrapment, authorise, back down, constipation, get out, fender, windshield, cut, elapse, puff, restriction, sound, quip, work, piston, squelch, put down, cower, detain, bottleneck, travel by, drown, check, strain, horn, egest, put across, overtake, garrote, slip by, labored, backfire, bruise, damper, go out, connecting rod, pack in, cylinder, interfere with, antilock braking system, bottom gear, bear, bronchial, die back, chesty, tremble, shock absorber, extend, suffocate, pass away, injure.

exhale, accelerate, unblock, expire, unstop, facilitate, promote, unclog, excavate, resuscitate, restore, forward, open, inhale, inspire, aid, advance, unplug, clear, scoop, lighten, revive, free, further, respire, hollow, breathe, empty.

Examples of usage:

1) I wondered that the lie did not choke me. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) " I very much want to choke you," he said. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) It is a matter of astonishment that the artificial forms did not utterly choke out the ecstasy. - "The Literature of Ecstasy", Albert Mordell.