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Spell check of deep

Correct spelling: deep

deeply, bold, loggerheaded, frightful, sweeping, deep-water, recondite, racy, flat, sonorous, involved, doubtful, mystical, excruciating, equivocal, far-reaching, fearful, brine, turbid, shaft, removed, recently, high, nebulous, burning, ghastly, pulmonary, exquisite, immersed, deep-seated, utopian, fathomless, buddy-buddy, hidden, abstruse, enthralled, crevasse, sea, thick, casual, full-bodied, inward, widespread, rich, thickset, beneath, indrawn, pit, cavity, stumpy, copious, darksome, squat, noctambulism, shallow, artful, intense, dusky, clean, hollow, orphic, depth, intent, awareness, wooden-headed, plangent, abyssal, profound, funereal, robust, dark, conceptual, somnambulist, choke, duncical, far-off, inexplicable, throaty, far-flung, ample, cryptic, explosive, blind, color-coded, thickheaded, chummy, nonconformist, vicious, almighty, kabbalistic, deep-rooted, late, enigmatic, affective, short, esoteric, bottom, ferocious, wide-ranging, bottomless, resonant, main, in earnest, easy, furious, plenteous, basic, obscure, rooted, buried, occult, light, remote, sunken, abyss, hermetic, chesty, lightly, Sleeping Beauty, double-edged, heartfelt, away, thin, unintelligible, complex, dreamless, productive, deterministic, extended, fierce, blockheaded, wakeless, penetrating, settled, suffering, observant, low-pitched, fertile, abysm, stolid, wide, dull, plentiful, heavily, sober, bright, breathless, stocky, confirmed, fathom, bass, underwater, preoccupied, cryptical, complicated, incomprehensible, colored, murky, ablaze, strong, big, expansive, submarine, knee-deep, dreadful, alto, in depth, arcane, unplumbed, thick-skulled, surface, unfathomed, come down, bred-in-the-bone, fuliginous, compact, subterranean, difficult, abstract, excite, acutely, underground, cold, chintzy, indistinct, mysterious, below, ocean, trench, substantial, ambiguous, well, sleepyhead, uncanny, under, vehement, central, duncish, low, oceanic abyss, dense, broad, fat, heavyset, popular, subaqueous, slurred, acute, terrible, Delphic, sound, sibylline, hellacious, solemn, elliptical, narrow, belatedly, orthodox, opaque, colorful, cloudy, broken, blistering, theoretical, cabalistic, absorbed, contralto, walk-in, impenetrable, secret, entrenched, boneheaded, intricate, gulf, muddy, large, rangy, rapt, fatheaded, colourful, intensive, grave, inscrutable, labored, tardily, abysmal, immeasurable, officious, qabalistic, lately, far, hard-core, bottomless pit, enigmatical, brash, chasm, heavy-duty, bitter, crater, distant, bleached, serious, sleeper, hard, of late, violent, keen, extensive, level, heavy, metaphysical, humorlessly, long, bottommost, unsounded, mystifying, inmost, fearsome, focused, yawning, brink, latterly, profoundly, sincere, engrossed, faraway, bronchial, mystic, dim.

lessened, limited, pellucid, comprehensible, distinct, firm, knee-deep, tangible, piping, horizontal, earsplitting, evident, colourless, eased, flat, even, hazy, temporary, knowable, fordable, shelfy, daydreaming, short-lived, squealing, dreamy, lucid, distracted, feeble, narrow, legible, subdued, sure, plain, close, wakeful, foggy, impermanent, explicable, little, nearby, explicit, diminished, self-evident, piercing, exoteric, facile, penetrating, high, clear-cut, nonambiguous, lightened, flush, defined, squeaky, shelvy, open-and-shut, shrill, brief, decreased, nigh, patent, absentminded, moderated, superficial, skin-deep, thin, oblivious, accessible, perspicuous, uninterested, self-explanatory, momentary, soft, depthless, neritic, certain, surface, unmistakable, understandable, direct, blatant, inobservant, palpable, tinny, interim, preoccupied, manifest, light, unequivocal, two-dimensional, obvious, easy, toned, shallow, reefy, transparent, alleviated, restricted, appreciable, unambiguous, remote, reduced, sharp, visible, clear, faraway, high-pitched, unfocused, apparent, ankle-deep, strong, absent, finite, disinterested, mild, smooth, small, contiguous, abated, adjacent, exact, apathetic, bright, intelligible, acute, simple, shoal, abstracted, shoaly, inattentive, strident, qualified, definite, moderate, fathomable, ephemeral, confined, level, fleeting, colorless, treble, straightforward, peeping, circumscribed, measured, adjoining, weak, artless, plane, short-term, transient, provisional, determined, lost, near, squeaking.

Examples of usage:

1) His expression was one of deep gravity, almost of suffering. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) A look of deep offence passed over Mrs. Maule's face. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) Then the mother turned on him and spoke in her deep tones: Go to your bed, 'Arry King, and sleep well. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.