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Spell check of frustrate

Correct spelling: frustrate

expose, hamper, chide, prevent, impede, drag, fuddle, nonplus, bodge, flub, stick, discombobulate, spoil, cosset, chill, bar, befuddle, discomfit, get to, cocker, elude, have words, itch, stamp out, irritate, hybridise, pass over, bung, traverse, plunder, hamstring, tantalise, allow, excruciate, mystify, lambaste, mishandle, cut through, go bad, unnerve, disincline, daunt, cod, catch, pillory, crimp, lambast, get across, cripple, thwart, beat, tease, clog, foil, tantalize, fetter, de-motivate, dismay, twit, subdue, span, lecture, plug, cover, deflower, bobble, nark, fumble, cross, blast, baffle, intersect, paralyze, dampen, call down, gravel, ball up, louse up, crossbreed, annoy, coddle, demoralize, sweep, encumber, balk, foul up, remonstrate, depress, bollix, stupefy, curb, rile, flummox, bollocks up, embarrass, interfere with, counter, track, blow, dress down, shut off, indulge, torment, unman, get at, vex, bedevil, nullify, bottleneck, get over, kill off, stymie, throw, throttle, call on the carpet, cut into, snarl, bollix up, rally, jaw, screw up, chew out, obstruct, antagonize, vitiate, peril, disappoint, constrain, reproof, inhibit, dumbfound, infuriate, dishearten, pamper, taunt, entrap, nettle, dam, rack, stop, mollycoddle, get, complicate, savage, bother, deter, muck up, cut across, bungle, crucify, scupper, squeeze out, despoil, scold, fox, resist, chew up, interbreed, entangle, berate, restrain, defeat, mar, detain, checkmate, mire, featherbed, check, ride, puzzle, hybridize, violate, stifle, confound, fluff, oppose, constipate, torture, amaze, foul, snag, botch up, burden, impair, bait, mortify, discourage, bawl out, suppress, interrupt, hinder, block, counteract, pose, dispirit, handicap, scotch, provoke, endanger, reprimand, choke, restrict, bewilder, regulate, stay, corrupt, bilk, confuse, chafe, trounce, dun, perplex, cramp, botch, baby, bumble, hold back, delay, madden, razz, mess up, tangle, brake, rag, rebuke, dissuade, jam, stump, evade, congest, anger.

provoke, facilitate, promote, smooth, fortify, strengthen, animate, ease, quicken, boost, forward, enforce, cultivate, buoy, enliven, lift, advance, assist, invigorate, cheer, encourage, abet, excite, reinforce, energize, further, inspire, hearten, foster, nerve, rally, assure, stimulate, stir, gladden, embolden, nurture, steel, galvanize, reassure, aid.

Examples of usage:

1) The words and the tone left no room for doubt as to the speaker's earnestness, and even a slight flesh wound would hamper the Phantom's movements and frustrate his plans. - "The Gray Phantom's Return", Herman Landon.

2) I am one of the silent multitude of the Frustrate.... - "Melomaniacs", James Huneker.

3) He was determined to frustrate any attempt at flight. - "Under a Charm, Vol. III. (of III) A Novel", E. Werner.