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Spell check of curb

Correct spelling: curb

govern, chit, trammel, detain, sway, chasten, moderate, keep down, apply, bring down, preclude, suss out, boundary, subjugate, cut short, fence, comprise, trim down, determine, capture, ring, insure, brake, clog, check into, hedgerow, repress, crop, clip, regulate, lop, concord, soften, conceal, look into, fringe, mold, carry, mince, catch, constrain, make, cut down, limited, temper, have, brim, stricture, impediment, deem, qualify, influence, quash, check off, rule, agree, periphery, ensure, harbour, inhibition, counter, bottleneck, oppose, lamppost, overcome, dishearten, sustain, prevail, deterrent, baulk, thwart, cripple, oblige, obstruct, restrain, hamstring, tip, discipline, defy, hinderance, entertain, curbing, delay, chip, de-motivate, get over, cut, tick off, impede, check out, check up on, retain, chequer, book, snag, keep, obtain, keep in line, tab, halt, see, side, reign, check-out procedure, match, bind, prune, oppress, reject, incorporate, mark, check mark, hold back, fetter, disapprove, bear, plug, prevent, tick, reserve, disqualify, lead, bar, stop, obligate, train, snip, concur, discourage, verify, checker, assay, interrupt, manage, bound, paralyze, throttle, check, brink, withstand, hindrance, find out, resist, trim back, baffle, encumber, arrest, restrict, gibe, check over, depress, AMEX, range, hamper, control, verification, flash back, harbor, learn, curb bit, rim, jibe, deny, dissuade, stifle, hold in, edge, fit, bottle up, ledge, bung, embankment, cut back, hitch, frontier limit, milepost, deter, direct, tame, cramp, frustrate, perimeter, substantiation, outlaw, assure, snarl, mire, barrier, view as, stamp down, turn back, balk, keep back, ascertain, outline, coast, lay-by, accommodate, margin, reduce, complicate, drag, milestone, give, daunt, confirmation, gutter, tally, maintain, suppress, crucify, constipate, disincline, checkout, manipulate, dress, contain, conquer, refuse, crush, cure, curtail, block, support, handicap, impair, restriction, watch, have got, american stock exchange, prohibit, hold, command, constraint, mortify, verge, subordinate, choke, nurse, precipice, stoppage, defend, jam, limit, condition, burden, sharpness, inhibit, break, entangle, ban, enclose, admit, hold up, crimp, tangle, disallow, limitation, mark off, bridle, take, adjudge, take hold, dam, deal with, hinder, circumscription, extremity, trim, guard, dampen, tone down, cheque, surmount, go for, entrap, throw, declare, congest, restraint, kerb, foul, confine, border, lip, appropriate, see to it, go over, stay, chair, confines, seize, forbid, operate, master, bank check, bus stop, chain, correspond, take for, subdue.

freedom, latitude, submit, yield, comply, obey.

Examples of usage:

1) Bright and early that morning he sent a carriage for Miss Preston, and ordered the float to be at Townsend's curb by 9 o'clock. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) Each party in succession has seized the power of the State, but none has sought to curb its range. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) When a house does not treat you right, curb your temper, and, as soon as you can, get in touch with some other good house. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.