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Spell check of bedevil

Correct spelling: bedevil

persecute, count against, confuse, let down, bewilder, irk, disturb, nettle, lambast, discompose, call on the carpet, blast, rebuke, tease, booze, aggravate, envenom, throw off, reprimand, bilk, fuddle, blur, spoil, hassle, drop, burden, feelings, mix up, foil, fret, play a trick on, badger, taunt, subdue, rankle, discombobulate, jaw, make, flurry, importune, curse, lecture, scotch, thrust, remonstrate, chew out, shake off, beleaguer, rile, razz, torture, contrive, embarrass, mortify, switch, grate, rag, arouse, agonize, lambaste, beset, needle, perturb, rally, give, hold back, infuriate, nark, hold, upset, inflame, anguish, rack, plague, excruciate, thwart, throw away, cast, put off, hound, irritate, harass, bait, dress down, exacerbate, confound, tantalise, chafe, jumble, cod, drink, annoy, worry, ride, get to, obscure, savage, exasperate, throttle, torment, vex, chew up, disadvantage, enrage, bemuse, nag, frustrate, harrow, bring up against, berate, pillory, befuddle, shed, cast off, have, bother, trounce, get at, fob, throw, baffle, cross, solicit, pull a fast one on, play a joke on, hurl, call down, dun, antagonize, chide, scold, peeve, project, pain, fox, harry, gravel, pester, trouble, reproof, flip, tantalize, crucify, besiege, disconcert, muddle, obnubilate, have words, twit, bawl out, trick, inhibit, attack.

comfort, quiet, deliver, help, succor, assist, console, solace, release, content, reprieve, abet, aid, relieve, soothe.

Examples of usage:

1) " Don't let a pretty face bedevil you, Somers. - "The Gray Phantom's Return", Herman Landon.

2) And I love him for it, although I believe I do like to bedevil him a little. - "The Prairie Wife", Arthur Stringer.

3) This love- hood, swore Doctor John, should never be worn by Barbara on the streets of Second Westings, for reasons affecting the public weal, as it would bedevil the Reverend Jonathan Sawyer himself in the very sanctuary of his pulpit. - "Barbara Ladd", Charles G. D. Roberts.