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Spell check of cancel

Correct spelling: cancel

scratch up, come up, eradicate, set off, prevent, bring out, clean, vent, cut down, underscore, tune, grave, repudiate, expunge, abnegate, scribble, blind trust, fret, ignore, undo, desert, remove, strike, maintain, reject, explode, instigate, vitiate, rescind, sweep, rub, trigger, extirpate, adjust, avoid, deny, square, blow up, forsake, retract, nullify, abdicate, touch off, jettison, invalidate, fell, natural, trigger off, take off, offset, assign, abate, reverse, suppress, set out, inscribe, mark, neutralize, action, cross out, excise, veto, detonate, scrap, spark, revoke, elide, null, refute, sanction, liquidate, roll back, dissolve, dele, scrape up, capitulate, forgo, countervail, invert, divorce, start, engrave, root, cry off, disannul, drop, spark off, fray, wash out, call, actuate, set forth, black out, counterwork, edit, plot, void, avert, cross, relinquish, annul, dispute, incite, release, disprove, renounce, rule out, stop, abort, discourage, bail, repeal, disaffirm, correct, scratch out, strike down, discard, counterbalance, rub out, delete, stamp, withdraw, exterminate, obstruct, blot, trip, discharge, star, waive, scour, leave, blank out, sustain, dismiss, abrogate, countermand, underline, snuff, attest, blot out, contradict, annihilate, start out, expurgate, extinguish, wipe out, eliminate, cancellation, recant, part, strike out, overturn, disavow, squash, continue, negate, scrub, set aside, overthrow, rid, compensate, quash, stir up, scrape, omit, deface, shed, erase, disown, dispose, uphold, cross off _or_ out, itch, set, counteract, approve, scrub up, destroy, cause, scratch, obliterate, abolish, call off, let go, balance, highlight, counterpoise, wipe, vacate, activate, cut, check, part with, alienate, depart, efface, chafe, censor, prohibit, relegate, discontinue, surrender, alienation, disclaim, assignment, blue-pencil, abandon, recall, dispel.

establish, perpetuate, promise, legitimize, approve, commence, permit, make, formalize, enact, clear, prescribe, recondition, construct, enforce, found, lay down, patch, order, stet, keep, fix, command, pledge, undertake, pass, restore, start, institute, forge, mandate, take up, renovate, fashion, save, endorse, continue, take on, manufacture, decree, repair, write, renew, reconstruct, legislate, sustain, form, record, fabricate, authorize, reenact, ratify, sanction, maintain, conserve, protect, warrant, legalize, uphold, revamp, mend, create, allow, initiate, confirm, build, preserve, engage, frame, begin, rebuild, legitimate, shape, validate.

Examples of usage:

1) I was asked to cancel lecture engagements and furnish what Peary knew neither he nor anybody else could furnish offhand. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Cancel any subscriptions of local capital. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) He insists only upon this, that Mertoun shall not be deceived: and that she shall cancel the promise of an interview which she has given him for the following day. - "A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)", Mrs. Sutherland Orr.