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Spell check of baffle

Correct spelling: baffle

draw, brake, position, deter, perplex, besot, contract, overreach, entrap, crucify, track, torment, get to, bollocks up, bring, hybridize, tangle, cosset, scupper, thrum, drag, bilk, cling, block, take, nonplus, astonish, sweep, peril, frustrate, get down, drum, discombobulate, get across, posture, engender, deflower, beat out, vex, span, get, buzz off, sustain, flummox, suffer, buffalo, bunk, crimp, embarrass, get over, impair, fluster, begin, evade, disorient, stupefy, come, personate, bother, botch, capture, flub, burden, fix, shape, muck up, dam, obstruct, commence, stick to, exhaust, agitate, bemuse, muddle, ticktack, plunder, rag, worry, stimulate, regularize, regularise, set about, outfox, have, screw up, counter, bond, jam, adhere, puzzle, detain, stymie, bring forth, sire, tick, hinder, stick around, cover, pamper, make, stay put, dun, lay, resist, arrest, find, interbreed, bung, encumber, stick, model, catch, commove, tucker, paralyze, thump, itch, interrupt, let, ball up, bobble, mar, crush, flap, checkmate, oppose, mire, bumble, foul, circumvent, cramp, stir up, astound, baby, mistake, delay, bungle, outwit, cohere, bedevil, set, confuse, bamboozle, go bad, expose, scramble, go, determine, restrict, regulate, mollycoddle, stay, fumble, modulate, hamper, plug, hybridise, cocker, vanquish, mother, start out, shake up, place, defy, put, stand by, fox, impersonate, pulsate, stun, befog, bottleneck, aim, befuddle, defeat, fuddle, spoil, amaze, cut across, trounce, bar, influence, prevent, nettle, develop, cloud, entangle, balk, corrupt, clog, choke, constrain, restrain, foul up, ticktock, confound, traverse, acquire, cleave, violate, work over, annoy, pay off, bugger off, mold, fetch, check, intersect, rile, gravel, grow, impede, tucker out, wedge, cripple, snag, induce, scram, incur, fetter, inhibit, endanger, scotch, outsmart, cross, start, obtain, beat up, get at, become, disturb, nark, pay back, beat, blow, addle, obscure, sit, maze, hamstring, throw, generate, handicap, misconstrue, thwart, quiver, allow, pass over, present, elude, cut through, discomfit, featherbed, bewilder, complicate, set out, stick by, constipate, father, congest, sting, arrive, deepen, get under one's skin, baffle board, pose, order, convey, bodge, dumbfound, botch up, beget, irritate, raise up, hold fast, drive, snarl, counteract, govern, stop, bollix up, cause, crossbreed, foil, fluff, mess up, produce, stump, despoil, bollix, muddy, coddle, wash up, indulge, chafe, mystify, pound, vitiate, curb, experience, louse up, bind, shell, mishandle, receive, lodge.

assure, satisfy, forward, foster, encourage, nurture, ease, abet, promote, aid, enlighten, advance, inform, smooth, facilitate, reassure, cultivate, assist, further.

Examples of usage:

1) An ironical sense of his wife's power to baffle him tempered more than one of the affectionate glances he cast upon her as he strolled back and forth beside her chair. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) When I arrived in New York, I was confronted by a series of technical questions, designed to baffle me. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) The confusion of tongues and the variety of costume baffle description. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.