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Spell check of delay

Correct spelling: delay

deferment, suspension, stagnation, hold up, burden, dally, pause, deter, reprieve, hold water, tick, countdown, interrupt, contain, check over, impede, hurdle, set back, impasse, interval, embarrass, discontinuation, relief, holdup, tangle, afloat, appease, hold in, match, suspended animation, check up on, find out, suspend, holding pattern, turn back, restraint, interruption, crimp, quell, postpone, see to it, slow up, ride out, table, arrest, cargo area, continue, shelve, obstruction, learn, chequer, control, deterrent, snarl, remain, impair, opposition, fetter, recess, plug, handicap, bide, train, go slow, tarry, clutches, trail, restriction, dawdle, support, condition, congestion, go, remit, clench, see, interlude, jam, barrier, resist, deferral, hold out, obstacle, clutch, decelerate, stick around, bafflement, live, restrict, baffle, stoppage, entanglement, assure, check, check into, intermission, thwart, failure, gibe, detain, custody, mire, counter, congest, setback, look into, ensure, fit, loiter, sidestep, persist, heist, counteract, determine, survive, cramp, stay, help, drawback, check off, armed robbery, do, impediment, confine, foul, handgrip, outride, last out, sit on, entrapment, paralyze, bus, encumbrance, lag, surcease, epoch, suss out, prevent, sidetrack, detainment, handle, inaction, drag, appreciation, frustration, stop, encumber, hamper, inertia, falter, time lag, hold off, temporize, agree, evasion, restrain, grasp, arr., detention, constrain, live on, book on, curb, time, check out, shrink, board, snag, aisle seat, clog, last, holdback, hiatus, withstand, stickup, bottleneck, block, era, stand up, watch, inhibition, hinder, impedance, resistance, hindrance, balk, wait, waive, blockage, catch, waiting, blockade, relieve, hold back, chapter, remission, sustain, dilly-dally, constipation, mark off, disadvantage, bookable, potter, correspond, creep, abide, booking office, recoil, plod, complication, distance, bung, date, put off, damper, defer, entangle, checker, go over, stay put, mark, hesitate, obstruct, avoidance, oppose, endure, linger, keep, cargo deck, adjournment, discipline, standstill, constipate, postponement, stick, poke, wait around, break, retardation, cooling-off period, bar, hold, choke, halt, constraint, stay on, complicate, crawl, hang up, moderate, cripple, respite, trudge, stall, aboard, hitch, hamstring, rest, cargo hold, defy, duration, foil, day, tick off, frustrate, slow down, jibe, entrap, adjourn, dam, storage area, inhibit, procrastinate, tally, booking, moratorium, stick up, fast, brake, clasp, ascertain, slow, grip, insure.

haste, hurry, promptness, rush, dispatch, promptitude.

Examples of usage:

1) He would not delay his return, for fear of leaving the two women too long alone. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) I did not mind the duty, and I do mind the delay. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) He won't try to delay us, not he. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.