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Spell check of cramp

Correct spelling: cramp

encumbrance, benumb, dam, stamp out, bung, sting, weaken, distress, detain, throttle, stab, colic, check, strangle, jam, irritate, deaden, oppose, mire, earache, disarm, squeeze out, curb, interfere with, throe, agony, throb, eyestrain, hurt, smarting, brake, gag, plug, charley horse, hamstring, stun, chafing, stifle, block, electric shock, infliction, hindrance, vitiate, anguish, abrogate, enfeeble, torment, biological clock, irritation, cramps, injury, smother, smart, malaise, ache, hobble, kill off, amenorrhoea, backache, restrict, burden, back-ache, congest, fetter, handicap, stay, repress, stupefy, paralyze, suppress, encumber, restrain, rack, suffer, hinder, deter, agonize, drag, screw up, suffocate, complicate, invalidate, bellyache, growing pains, misery, inhibit, incapacitate, halter, menopause, afflict, sap, constipate, gripe, affliction, lame, amenorrhea, botch, entangle, pang, disable, bite, bruise, menstrual, crick, cramp iron, crimp, paroxysm, interrupt, delay, restriction, hamper, cripple, impair, clog, stitch, muscle spasm, grief, shoot, catch, strangulate, wrench, bar, bottleneck, muffle, counter, burn, pain, obstruct, impediment, snarl, tangle, spasm, menses, dull, the change of life, suffering, tamper, resist, sore, discomfort, frustrate, inflame, inflammation, chafe, kink, painfulness, scotch, migraine, headache, torture, cut into, menstrual cycle, anesthetize, choke, impede, shut off, stop, baffle, undermine, neutralize, hold back, foul, snag, constrain, prostrate, entrap, thwart, wound.

Examples of usage:

1) Many of them had cramp in the stomach through long exposure and hunger before being captured, and they groaned loudly and piteously. - "From Bapaume to Passchendaele, 1917", Philip Gibbs.

2) Katrine is attacked by a cramp in the jaw from excitement. - "Erlach Court", Ossip Schubin.

3) Apriorism of this sort must seem like an effort to cramp the freedom of intelligence and of fact, to bring them under the yoke of fixed, external forms." - "John Dewey's logical theory", Delton Thomas Howard.