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Spell check of depress

Correct spelling: depress

humble, get off, disincline, money, happy, discredit, deject, reduce, dash, start, set about, profane, shove, intimidate, hamper, set down, weigh, dull, dishearten, beat down, dismount, commence, deaden, appal, press down, get down, damp, start out, cow, write off, vitiate, increase, flatten, depreciate, dissuade, take down, press, submerge, derail, dent, desolate, deter, avert, let down, begin, dishonor, restrain, ban, sadden, devaluate, plunge, deepen, animate, throttle, corrupt, break, check, humiliate, admonish, rise, shorten, lower, alarm, weigh down, mark down, dispirit, cast down, get, dismay, weary, devalue, stimulate, downgrade, glower, burden, deflect, subvert, write down, abase, mortify, demoralise, throw down, paralyze, bar, lour, unhorse, bum, set out, inhibit, curb, hinder, demoralize, frustrate, bear, put down, pervert, light, oppress, encourage, deprave, attenuate, throw, daunt, dampen, turn down, darken, disgrace, horrify, cheapen, debauch, debase, prevent, drop, appall, decrease, sink, chill, bring down, discourage, prostrate, divert, impede, stifle, misdirect, frown, squash, degrade.

compound, heighten, console, raise, aggrandize, solace, upgrade, add, exalt, excite, inspire, lift up, advance, extend, gratify, lighten, dilate, mark up, comfort, enhance, hearten, dignify, uplift, exhilarate, stimulate, reassure, pick up, blow up, assure, overrate, appreciate, inflate, maximize, soothe, overprice, up, elevate, brighten, enlarge, swell, amplify, enliven, lift, rejoice, intoxicate, escalate, boost, cheer, overvalue, increase, animate, promote, overestimate, balloon, gladden, invigorate, please, buoy, encourage, expand, multiply, augment, bloat, honor, elate, delight.

Examples of usage:

1) To follow Jesus, now as always, means to feel more and not less, to add to the sum of our interests, and not to take from them, to raise the standard of our hopes, not to depress it. - "The Making of an Apostle", R. J. Campbell.

2) These conditions never ceased to depress Jack. - "Peter A Novel of Which He is Not the Hero", F. Hopkinson Smith.

3) " Ask your mistress to try and join us in the drawing- room this evening," he said, kindly; " solitude will only depress her." - "Wives and Widows; or The Broken Life", Ann S. Stephens.