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Spell check of freeze

Correct spelling: freeze

kibosh, blockade, frost, block off, embarrass, dishearten, thaw, deflect, check, chill, stymie, bottle, cold wave, bite, snap, harden, stoppage, cease, obstruct, halt, parry, arrest, jam, bitterness, frigidity, conserve, obturate, cold, bank, depress, rime, iciness, deep freeze, block, stop dead, gelidity, hoarfrost, stymy, pin, marinate, block up, immobilise, occlude, impede, close up, freeze out, suspend, stiffen, bar, discourage, coldness, barricade, terminate, freezing, frostiness, preserve, immobilize, set aside, refrigerate, coolness, hoar, archive, end, pierce, dampen, hold, hitch, congeal, ice, solidify, forget, fix, draw a blank, heat, stuff, stop, warm, melt, icing, hinder, mummify, choke up, freeze down, embalm, can, blank out, cool, lug, trap, pause, stay, numb, nip, quick-freeze, petrify, debar.

free, unfreeze, unblock, release, dog days, heat wave, heat, boil, torridness, torridity.

Examples of usage:

1) From my observation I had come to the conclusion that ice does not freeze to a depth of more than twelve or fifteen feet during a single year. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) To go to Russia, where you freeze all the time! - "Monsieur Cherami", Charles Paul de Kock.

3) She cares not though we freeze to death; although we have done noble things for her, she has quite forgot them. - "The Green Forest Fairy Book", Loretta Ellen Brady.