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Spell check of dull

Correct spelling: dull

neutral, bad, stereotypical, dry, unfeeling, drooping, desiccate, hoary, unresponsive, thick-witted, inert, slothful, listless, smokiness, depressing, mousiness, beclouded, bloodless, well-known, weak-minded, become flat, tedious, opaque, disable, dark, frighten away, out-of-date, procrastinating, dorky, lead-gray, languorous, mat, purblind, stir, dreary, washed-out, senseless, unexciting, cumulonimbus, leadenness, still, annoy, gloomy, ponderous, common, handicap, blind, vapid, give, moronic, unsaturated, uninspired, strangle, two-edged, earthbound, quiet, grayness, bleached, gloominess, drab, repress, antediluvian, dinginess, placid, archaic, lowering, unpointed, hamper, deaden, uneconomic, grip, scotch, dimwitted, pinheaded, column, muffle, ashen, catch, excite, uneventful, ability, sleepy, heavy, leisurely, oblivious, somber, imbecilic, besotted, diminish, unprofitable, wearying, dusky, attitude, pearly, impair, Grey, tone down, dirty, drudging, die, dysphoric, tame, unsmart, dash, scatterbrained, colors, matte, pearliness, weak, stuporous, pall, iron-grayness, pearl-gray, birdbrained, uninteresting, delaying, boorish, silence, cut out, break, ordinary, uninspiring, drugged, tamper, dampen, abused, hushed, color, plodding, soften, scare, downhearted, lustreless, stupefied, dopey, untapped, non-resonant, jading, faint, doltish, spiritless, usual, irksome, thickheaded, blue, blunted, thick, sap, wearing, silent, wooden, grave, shadowy, muddy, thumping, iron-gray, tiring, soft, influence, lethargic, double-edged, stodgy, clouded, ancient, callous, deadened, loss-making, stimulating, dingy, lunkheaded, cirrostratus, angry, plain, obtuse, hueless, tire, loutish, half-witted, taupe, desensitize, unconscious, enfeeble, low-pitched, hackneyed, smother, decide, mole-gray, flat, silenced, bore, sulky, dimmed, bank, silvery, lazy, uncomprehending, colorless, dazed, blacked out, shallow, wan, cloddish, unimaginative, humdrum, flavorless, chapped, brainless, fatiguing, obscure, down, round, lackluster, damp, crippling, repetitious, mundane, white, insensible, trivial, neutralize, abrogate, used, overclouded, drabness, turned, comatose, conventional, torpid, prostrate, dullness, drear, wordy, monotonous, silveriness, blunt, dun, hobble, lusterless, stagnant, stifle, sharp, phlegmatic, invalidate, backward, dim-witted, bright, bonehead, commonplace, numbing, quieten, jade, lumpish, anesthetize, sooty, numb, gradual, vacuous, prosy, toneless, chronic, dulled, sad, lead to, square, achromatic, fatigue, billow, narcotize, chuckleheaded, hinder, anesthetized, dunderheaded, airheaded, black, stereotyped, lame, moderate, verbose, hamstring, tristful, heavy-hearted, insipid, faded, uneconomical, boring, thudding, tiresome, prosaic, soporific, ho-hum, off, scare away, narcotic, wash, rusty, bubbleheaded, awareness, not-for-profit, long-winded, matt, simple, pale, mind-numbing, silly, anesthetic, inactive, lamebrain, accustomed, matter-of-fact, platitudinous, feeble-minded, desiccated, desensitized, muted, fatuous, barren, simple-minded, nonresonant, agonising, broken, witty, feelings, unintelligent, brain-dead, edgeless, exciting, trance-like, subdued, banal, skew, mindless, stuffy, trite, grimy, stolid, dapple-gray, benumbed, block out, gun metal, sordid, windy, dispirited, lifeless, repetitive, tired, unhealthy, poky, routine, botch, dim, unperceptive, inky, bovine, fascinating, screw up, insensate, neutral-tint, witless, daze, low, pointless, keen, somberness, frighten off, increase, insensitive, unreverberant, dreariness, underfunded, leaden, indolent, hazy, softheaded, incapacitate, razor-sharp, muffled, salt-and-pepper, slow-witted, boneheaded, drug, worn-out, blockheaded, downcast, acute, lacklustre, left-handed, quick, well-worn, mousy, dawdling, cloy, tardy, nonprofit, dejected, moisten, lumpy, old, weaken, sterile, hazed, melancholy, undermine, scare off, melancholic, weary, slow, dusty, wearisome, barbed, languid, stun, weariful, desolate, cirrocumulus, jejune, gormless, monochromatic, deadening, stock, pedestrian, dismal, resonant, familiar, unvarying, grizzled, quiescent, lackadaisical, battleship-gray, lively, cirrus, gray, mute, stupefy, softened, cripple, cumulus, sluggish, rounded, unsharpened, pastel, paralyze, ignorant, daunt, swooning, cloud, bass, impenetrable, dense, apathetic, ashiness, cramp, see, speechless, wispy, light, vitiate, active, depressed, smoky, disarm, damped, achy, drowsy, stale, unhurried, empty-headed, benumb, wistful, burning, washy, deep, plangent, soggy, addled, prolix, regular, drown, tranquilize, sedate, bland, razor-edged, deliberate, arid, lingering, bleak, gentle, slack, vague, insentient, hollow, matted, dapple-grayness, narcotized, happy, sober, pitchy, oafish, non compos mentis, aseptic, murky, aloof, turn down, dilatory, dumb, even, deadly, serrated, colorful, idiotic, dead, weighted, cloudy, agonizing, unhappy.

earsplitting, spiky, dynamic, sensible, incisive, beaming, keen, literate, clarion, glary, harsh, shellacked, diligent, bouncing, alive, knowledgeable, edgy, perceptive, smart, penetrating, beadlike, shimmery, sunlit, blazing, glazed, engaged, bright as a new penny, glittery, multicolored, ground, charming, squealing, savvy, thundering, clever, rainbow, sensitive, roaring, sharp, quick, brilliant, scratching, coruscant, glaring, sane, enchanting, reverberant, brainy, colored, penetrative, sedulous, aglitter, lacerating, gaudy, fascinating, brightened, stentorian, entertaining, sunshiny, slippery, twinkling, blasting, sage, candescent, lightened, nitid, cunning, scintillating, diverting, sleek, intellectual, wise, beady, ardent, energetic, sprightly, buttony, strident, poignant, enthralling, vivacious, bedazzling, judicious, engaging, gemmy, educated, lancinating, loud, thunderous, tinged, clamorous, informed, lancinate, glistering, bouncy, sheeny, glossy, opalescent, dyed, quick-witted, polished, resourceful, knifelike, polychrome, sensational, insightful, exhilarating, aglow, opaline, ringing, bubbling, stirring, saturated, needlelike, sonorous, discerning, lit, lacquered, glowing, prickly, hyperintelligent, electrifying, inspiring, stabbing, sparkly, bubbly, schooled, shrewd, galvanizing, fabulous, shrill, lively, blaring, piercing, rich, mesmerizing, refulgent, colorful, kinetic, agleam, noctilucent, self-luminous, intelligent, clangorous, silvery, intriguing, invigorating, motley, illumined, live, active, fulgurating, peppy, burbling, fast, honed, marvelous, logical, sharpened, fulgent, dinning, satiny, clear, exciting, perspicacious, vigorous, fulgid, noisy, energizing, moving, rip-roaring, effervescent, lurid, trained, acute, sparkling, gushing, blinding, nacreous, shining, tinted, painted, pointed, incandescent, hair-raising, sharpen, spiny, spiked, edged, scholarly, iridescent, radiant, amazing, occupied, shiny, wily, crashing, tantalizing, polychromatic, shimmering, varicolored, effusive, obstreperous, vivid, prismatic, beamy, lustrous, nimble, slick, jagged, spikelike, well-read, silklike, astute, supersmart, springy, reasonable, ultrasmart, intense, silken, involving, alluring, burbly, working, foxy, resplendent, sharp-witted, jabbing, silky, erudite, astounding, buffed, sapient, apt, busy, glistening, chromatic, variegated, showy, astonishing, scintillant, prudent, arresting, luminous, grating, bright, flashy, lambent, amusing, captivating, entrancing, silvern, vociferous, touching, dazzling, pearlescent, attracting, animated, vibrant, valid, burnished, splashy, provocative, ingenious, silver, absorbing, spirited, awesome, industrious, glinting, spectacular, illuminated, glimmery, plangent, breathtaking, brazen, raucous, effulgent, bewitching, overloud, rousing, booming, engrossing, gripping, warm, satin, spellbinding, vital, lucent, whetted, sagacious, dark, suspenseful, varnished, razor-sharp, attractive, cloudless, crafty, carnassial, highbrow, beguiling, riveting, lucid, hardworking, deep, knowing, garish, deafening, zippy, thinking, eye-opening, wonderful, buttonlike, assiduous, resounding, interesting, animating, frothy, surprising, enlivening, discordant, breezy, stimulating, learned, skilled, stained, glittering, sunny, percipient, salt, perky, pure, glimmering, cutting, thrilling, rubbed, cerebral, wondrous, sound, rational, gleaming.

Examples of usage:

1) The other expression is to make heavy or dull. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

2) " I mean," said Wantele, " that one can now understand why General Lingard accepted his dull relations' invitation. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) They are dull to the point of despair. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.