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Spell check of decrease

Correct spelling: decrease

decrement, reduce, debasement, depress, shave, minimize, setback, compression, depletion, attenuation, compress, fall, moderate, deduction, simplification, dwindle, accrue, dispossession, pass, ruin, debase, abridge, lower, sinking, minify, come down, reducing, curtailment, truncate, devolve, slump, forfeiture, truncation, slack, top-slice, depreciation, settle, mitigate, privation, expropriation, drop, trim, bob, loss, drain, cutback, diminishment, falling off, lessen, abridgement, penalty, deflation, dissolve, shrinkage, deflate, contraction, shrivel, falloff, recede, dip, dissolution, abbreviation, elision, crater, elide, subtract, cliff, die down, concentration, lowering, ebb, cut, sink, let up, plunge, cull, drop-off, attenuate, condense, hang, weed, lighten, shine, discount, increase, go down, dock, contract, abatement, fall down, pare, belittle, dissipate, shear, light, exhaust, cut back, prune, compact, step-down, trim down, deprivation, attrition, deletion, decline, subside, strike, come, precipitate, descend, flow, erosion, exhaustion, taper, deplete, lose, collapse, downgrade, crop, shorten, dispossess, dent, delete, diminution, reduction, rebate, deduct, curtail, abbreviate, misplace, halve, dissipation, compaction, erode, divest, clip, depression, forfeit, diminish, concentrate, lessening, abate, shrink, fragment, nip, discontinue, subtraction, divestiture, return, debit, depreciate.

continuation, uptick, magnify, accretion, enhance, rage, step-up, extend, boost, growth, develop, aggravate, increase, accumulation, extension, accrual, supplement, addition, enlarge, revive, gain, enlargement, upswing, continue, rise, foment, raise, upturn, increment, uptrend, amplify.

Examples of usage:

1) By bringing its image down to the horizon, you can detect when its altitude stops increasing and starts to decrease. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.

2) They are not determined by changes in the absolute number of the labouring population, but through changes in the relative distribution of the working class into active army and reserve army- through increase or decrease in the relative numbers of the surplus population- through the degree in which it is at one time absorbed and at another dismissed. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) The decrease has been gradual and attended with no such striking interruptions as were frequently exhibited in former times. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.