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Spell check of discontinue

Correct spelling: discontinue

arrest, hold on, erupt, break-dance, break out, cast off, go against, demote, drop out, damp, break away, pass, waive, knap, forsake, dampen, separate, cut short, block up, diminish, fall apart, break up, give way, decrease, give out, get around, blockade, die, bring out, give away, pause, allow, block off, throw in, pack, throw overboard, resign, close, come apart, forfeit, retract, expose, block, kibosh, discover, throw in the towel, wear, abandon, fail, break down, reduce, get out, disclaim, expire, drop by the wayside, interrupt, offend, fragment, part with, end, renounce, repudiate, stay, desert, leave off, continue, recrudesce, let up, defect, free, step down, part, recant, let on, dead-end, knock off, hold back, furlough, abbreviate, violate, depart, relegate, break, cede, deliver, forgo, reveal, swear off, wear out, bankrupt, contain, fall in, kick downstairs, cease, spare, shorten, give, weaken, minimize, leave, withdraw, can, forswear, chip, wink, break off, retire, reject, transgress, abdicate, smash, break in, stall, founder, desist, give over, divulge, finish, halt, surcease, suspend, foreswear, shut off, split up, conk out, take leave, dispense with, come off, remit, better, relinquish, collapse, cut out, fracture, let out, turn back, bar, check, chuck up the sponge, intercept, cave in, kick, vacate, accept, stop, barricade, cut off, give up, go, bump, quit, lapse, unwrap, lay off, release, refrain, belay, breach, evacuate, forego, fall by the wayside, conclude, curtail, abjure, split, snap off, wind up, go bad, culminate, leave office, elapse, terminate, infract, surrender, burst, break short, soften, intermit, ruin, stop over, depart from, drop, disclose, determine, develop, bust, chip off.

draw out, court, prolong, adopt, keep up, preserve, support, stir, proceed, claim, impel, retain, go, progress, hang on, undertake, actuate, vindicate, seek, go along, hang in, run on, pursue, persist, go on, keep, resume, restart, advocate, protect, assert, defend, persevere, follow through, continue, stay, hold on, propel, drive, favor, protract, uphold, occupy, haunt, commence, maintain, cherish, prosecute, bear on, hold, begin, extend, carry on, start, renew, reopen, advance.

Examples of usage:

1) When in the autumn of the same year Mr. Redmond committed himself to the declaration: " We do not want to discontinue our representation in the House of Commons when Home Rule comes; we desire to have Irish members sitting at Westminster not only to form a nucleus of the ultimate Federal Parliament of the Empire, but also to assist in legislation concerning Great Britain and Ireland collectively," the declaration was quoted with disgust. - "The Evolution of Sinn Fein", Robert Mitchell Henry.

2) I assume that you have found it worth while to discontinue that habit, for I never see your name among the publishers' announcements. - "The Blue Pavilions", Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.

3) The Emperor William has just issued a private order that Punch is to be struck off the list of journals which are supplied to him; and the Empress Frederick, Prince Henry of Prussia, and all the members of the Royal Family who are in the habit of reading English journals, have been desired by their aristocratic relation to discontinue the obnoxious periodical. - "The History of "Punch"", M. H. Spielmann.