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Spell check of balance

Correct spelling: balance

counteract, chemical equilibrium, budget, BIPS, tune, lay, profit, roll, orchestration, cancel, dimension, put down, books, profit and loss, home loan, organize, commensurateness, equilibrium, reorganize, APR, backlog, evenness, score, eternal sleep, repose, match, capacity, borrowings, remainder, rationalize, general ledger, pole, minimize, isotropy, equality, counterbalance, perspective, obverse, nullify, prioritize, stability, centrifugal force, fairness, integrate, balance wheel, labyrinthine sense, block, receipts, arrangement, residue, pose, position, coolness, exist, surplus, coordinate, halve, order, correlation, docket, undecided, equivalence, chart, carriage, bank rate, discretion, scheme, beautiful, most, debt, asset, remnant, balance sheet, bank draft, arrange, tension, frame, square, neutralize, occupy, unsnarl, feelings, oddment, debit, blower, bank statement, harmonize, normalcy, cast, group, maintain, quietus, boiler, fix, rank, allowance, proportionality, Libra the Scales, amplitude, consonance, unify, sense of equilibrium, concinnity, put, regulate, codify, equilibration, due, batch, program, slate, attraction, subordinate, rationality, offset, generality, normality, the contrary, stasis, sleep, difference, dividend, equaliser, efficiency, attitude, steadiness, equilibrize, odds and ends, cashbook, symmetricalness, decrease, burrow, relief, proportion, concentrate, stand, poise, manage, control, common sense, method, serenity, air resistance, identicalness, correct, bill, consistency, preponderance, scale, calorific, support, calculator, ease, consonancy, collectedness, agreement, antithesis, linkage, sang-froid, agitator, absorbance, crane, schedule, borrower, leftover, equal, end, unity, reasonableness, crouch, design, at large, form, separate, get, remains, shrivel, cower, vestibular sense, insight, compose, rate, proportionateness, double over, cool, erode, trim down, mediate, place, top-slice, lower, compressor, respite, operate, cool head, grade, right, excess, bad debt, Libra, arrears, counteraction, imperturbability, account, equilibrise, uniformity, class, Libra the Balance, judgment, maximum, leftovers, opposition, relaxation, ledger, affinity, sift, restructure, equanimity, adjust, sense of balance, normalize, bank, marshal, total, relation, equipoise, indistinguishability, reduce, schematize, crook, arithmetic, invoice, inventory, counterforce, cut back, organization, alikeness, counterpoise, aplomb, categorize, rest period, the converse, calm, centripetal force, stance, liability, regularity, type, relationship, bearing, amount, posture, predominance, symphony, meet, accumulation, unflappability, link, deportment, ratio, shape, plan, compensate, plot, set out, classify, bonding, residuum, neutralizer, residual, sensibility, parity, journal, structure, pigeonhole, banking, belong, charger, leavings, register, capillary action, counter, bank book, convertor, association, coherence, settle, pile, self-possession, harmony, stabilize, devise, canceler, corrective, screen, symmetry, bestride, array, imperturbableness, lie, set, equalize, establish, imbalance, equalizer, prepare, sameness, allocation, majority, equilibrate, collate, sort, sober-mindedness, stratify, converter, correspondence, eternal rest, bow, bend, sanity, system, sit, negation, nonchalance, brace, lucidity, parallelism, systematize, peace, composure, opposite, orchestrate, reckoning, counterweight, rest, methodize, realism.

disjointedness, instability, inconstancy, confusion, body, incompatibility, shakiness, most, dissonance, unsteadiness, irregularity, discordance, disproportion, incoherence, precariousness, disequilibrium, bulk, disconnectedness, disturbance, mass, weight, imbalance, insecurity, asymmetry, unevenness, fluctuation, violence, main, unbalance, changeability, disorganization, tension, volatility, mutability, disunity.

Examples of usage:

1) The balance was placed on the sledges. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) For the balance of that day we saw only three ravens. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) Yes, yes; I'm a fool like the balance of 'em. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.