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Spell check of dissipate

Correct spelling: dissipate

divest, spread out, hit, scoot, dissolve, overwork, crock up, pullulate, exhaust, inject, wear out, shoot down, turn back, pick, misuse, flash, run off, debilitate, sprinkle, break down, frivol away, dust, adjourn, put one over, fritter, disassemble, devour, fool around, germinate, rise, drain, waste, drive out, sprout, put one across, disrupt, recess, decompose, trifle, diffuse, split, enervate, shrink, arse around, misspend, run through, scud, broadcast, film, scatter, crash, buck, photograph, forfeit, decrement, circularise, circulate, decrease, fool, use up, befool, disappear, split up, string out, circularize, abuse, cod, chuck away, fatigue, calve, stop, put on, tear, disperse, dispense, go away, resolve, fade away, lose, take apart, dupe, sap, burgeon forth, disseminate, pip, break-up, open, dispel, evanesce, pass around, gull, deplete, erode, blast, horse around, drive off, lift, squander, rotate, fritter away, finish, splay, fragmentize, crack up, break apart, disband, vanish, snap, riot away, die, separate, propagate, slang, cease, dismantle, collapse, take in, spend, fool away, trifle away, break, misplace, chase away, fan out, turn out, expand, unfold, lavish, drop, run dry, clear out, dart, evaporate, bourgeon, empty, fiddle away, fragmentise, blow, spread, distribute, drive away, dash, consume, tap, expend, interrupt, collect, throw away, shoot, take, debit, save, dot, spud, sever, dispossess, fragment, part, charge, cut off.

conglomerate, skimp, collect, assemble, concentrate, unify, cluster, congregate, preserve, meet, conserve, save, agglutinate, protect, unite, scrimp, gather, hoard, economize, lay up.

Examples of usage:

1) Few things will dissipate thought as much as over- reading of newspapers. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.

2) It is my business to paint things, not to write, about them, still, both occupations dissipate the time wonderfully. - "From Edinburgh to India & Burmah", William G. Burn Murdoch.

3) Cold, hunger and starvation will dissipate the hopes of the ruling minority. - "Psycho-Phone Messages", Francis Grierson.