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Spell check of abuse

Correct spelling: abuse

obloquy, shout out, shame, offense, bullying, broil, rail against, mishandling, frenzy, sober up, fulmination, twist, cuss, mistreat, commit, rage, profane, debauch, invective, laugh at, despoiling, care, disgust, fight, respect, vitiate, defile, dissipation, crime, bad language, turmoil, cry, oath, barbarity, defilement, perversion, violate, trespass, tread, poke fun, deprave, brawl, fierceness, roast, sophisticate, abhorrence, shove around, wildness, fury, evil, pollution, vandalism, swearing, assault, clapperclaw, damnation, misappropriate, debauchery, destructiveness, horror, malignment, yell, barbarism, vituperate, ferocity, step, insurrection, mistreatment, subvert, battery, fracas, call, outrage, designated driver, detestation, infringe, obscenity, profanation, debasement, Alcoholics Anonymous, vituperation, brutishness, scream, cruelty, swearword, indecent assault, cheers, atrocity, harm, wear out, disparagement, misappropriation, attack, throw away, demoralise, sexual abuse, impairment, misutilization, squall, overuse, despoil, perpetrate, execration, assail, gang rape, affront, uproar, interfere with, demoralize, wrong, curse, praise, commotion, blackguard, expletive, intensity, Al-Anon, vehemence, four-letter word, scurrility, violence, maltreatment, vilification, misusage, villainy, injury, overwork, persecution, mishandle, rib, exclaim, holler, fritter away, nuisance, pace, outcry, wickedness, smear, encroach, belt down, hollo, call out, torture, billingsgate, acquaintance rape, blame, barhop, corrupt, ill-use, twist around, degrade, maltreat, alcoholism, denunciation, ill-treat, dependence, brutalities, desecrate, iniquity, convolute, binge drinking, injustice, hurt, impose, plague, oppress, make fun, misdirect, annoyance, AA, debase, aversion, wastage, inhumanity, delirium tremens, indecency, black hole, waste, trample, do wrong, hit out, thuggery, terrorism, shout, vitriol, kick around, ill-usage, drink, degradation, abomination, brutality, sexual harassment, grind down, prostitution, imprecation, ravish, transgress, misapply, swear, misapplication, indecent exposure, misuse, jest at, blaspheme, ill-treatment, guy, tipple, savagery, benefit, revile, chuck away, knock back, insult, reject, help, date rape, malediction, defense, cry out, violation, profanity, damage, misemployment, desecration, pervert, contumely, presume, use, ridicule, revilement, profligacy, exploit, squander, hatred.

benefit, commendation, blessing, treat, joy, overpraise, enjoyment, soft soap, congratulations, employment, felicitations, endearments, utilization, appreciation, flattery, application, blarney, gratification, praise, esteem, compliments, adulation, approval, affection, acclaim, use, delight, satisfaction, applause, desire.

Examples of usage:

1) " I can't abuse your kindness any longer," he said. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) I suppose they found time enough to abuse poor Rem. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.

3) While reports were useful, their abuse was greater than their proper use. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.