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Spell check of fool

Correct spelling: fool

lounge around, sign, bum around, twit, mooncalf, scar, inept, counterfeit, see, unwise, germinate, wacky, monkey, kooky, fool away, sop up, consume, tantalise, cockamamie, pip, swindle, bum about, nitwit, scratch, daffy, dopy, chandler, goosy, disperse, take up, frivol away, calculating, weak-minded, cretin, manufacture, imbecile, innocent, game, scatter, goat, dart, mad, catch, harebrained, screwball, fool around, cheat, soak up, loaf, physiognomy, bait, marker, sap, frig around, schlemiel, spread out, blackjack, dolt, dummy, lollipop, patsy, draw, softhead, clod, wise, assume, silly, bonehead, clown, mugful, knuckle-head, taunt, nincompoop, ride, loon, alderwoman, get into, brand, scatterbrain, nutty, fair game, collect, gooselike, cockamamy, grade, inject, cockeyed, numskull, half-wit, take-in, waste one's time, suck up, earn, concoct, realize, betray, overhear, target, oaf, phiz, score, simpleminded, brainless, dotty, goose, ludicrous, slang, apple pie, view, muggins, lie, print, fritter, have, childish, gull, nerd, adopt, take, dopey, pigeon, donkey, wear, forge, birdbrain, crackpot, shlemiel, victim, throw away, balmy, nonsensical, moron, ignoramus, bilk, rally, witless, dimwit, zany, absorb, crazy, angelica, chuckle-head, apothecary, buffoon, dip, dupe, smiler, capable, tantalize, innkeeper, turkey, airhead, hoodwink, chronicler, insane, dullard, loony, joker, cuckoo, film, anserine, razz, preposterous, sea gull, all-day sucker, bring in, sprout, lightweight, noodle, April fool, pullulate, photograph, lame-brain, lunkheaded, defraud, loll around, gander, half-witted, maniac, eunuch, fall guy, mark, cross, saphead, tease, chocolate, sage, wiseacre, ingest, governess, arse around, buck, fatuous, lounge about, jerky, philosopher, tear, numpty, break up, alderman, scud, bell ringer, Christmas pudding, dippy, befool, pushover, soft touch, crisscross, gain, misspeak, spud, invite, able, bungler, put one over, daft, motley fool, make up, imbibe, make, choc-ice, schmuck, lump, trifle away, shoot, deceive, falsify, chump, laughable, save, half-baked, banana split, gudgeon, don, dispel, realise, squander, cosh, clear, waste, delude, mount, turn in, cod, featherheaded, scrape, caramel, bubbleheaded, dumb blond, trick, horse around, shoot down, dunce, lamb, over-the-top, mug, pull in, goofy, simpleton, scoot, stigma, carob, rag, fritter away, cake, con, burgeon forth, brown sugar, ninny, put one across, assimilate, ability, apply, ridiculous, blow, bum, arse about, meathead, mislead, asinine, sappy, home run, snap, riot away, cabin boy, receive, goof, goosey, foolish, bourgeon, schmo, watch, setup, tomfool, jester, fabricate, blast, bull's eye, countenance, gather in, put on, hit, flash, dumbbell, stain, loll, dissipate, ding-dong, lunatic, kisser, senseless, whacky, absurd, simple, unreasonable, stooge, seagull, play around, intelligent, visage, suck in, invent, laughingstock, blockhead, marking, dash, charge.

judicious, well-advised, sage, sane, rational, smart, prudent, brainy, sound, clever, reasonable, bright, sensible, wise, sagacious, valid, logical, intelligent, sapient.

Examples of usage:

1) It's always that blamed fool! - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) I used to think- poor fool that I was- that everything would come right at the last. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) What a fool Dick was! - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.