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Spell check of dissolve

Correct spelling: dissolve

rescind, fade, refract, throw out, degenerate, void, parliament, abolish, disavow, brush aside, calve, ignore, see, fire, deplete, recess, adjudicate, cut off, radiate, dematerialize, annul, go, floor, decompose, distribute, disrupt, meld, constituency, eradicate, disperse, help, send away, citation, retract, dislocate, take apart, rupture, break down, dispossess, usher out, call for, shrink, sever, bar, push aside, unthaw, force out, erode, give the sack, vanish, repeal, dethaw, split, detach, die, divorce, liquefy, hide, disclaim, discontinue, putrefy, unfreeze, cancel, repudiate, negate, swallow up, spoil, answer, disorder, merge, flux, dispel, melt, settle, disburse, fragment, vacate, give the axe, evanesce, decide, disannul, part, crumble, melt down, cease, veto, quash, fadeaway, sack, invalidate, collapse, nullify, dissipate, withdraw, divest, mortify, mingle, strike down, turn, brush off, diffract, crack up, displace, wish away, extinguish, exhaust, interrupt, the Dail, reject, crock up, disconnect, chamber, continue, mellow out, suspend, can, mix up, unblock, break up, decrease, free, undo, eliminate, disaffirm, finish, disappear, break apart, diverge, fracture, intermingle, end, decay, release, separate, lose, purpose, diffuse, split up, disregard, mellow, dissolution, lower house, evaporate, parliamentarian, revoke, destroy, fade out, fragmentise, go away, conclude, postpone, break, wear down, flee, disband, disintegrate, charge, roll back, combine, depart, discount, fuse, null, disassemble, neutralize, acquit, drop, solid, blend, harden, forfeit, fly, dole, fragmentize, give notice, deny, stir in, refute, deliquesce, dissect, fade away, terminate, freeze, run, pick, rot, stop, increase, abnegate, decrement, sink, efface, delete, diet, soften, solve, adjourn, misplace, abrogate, award, crash, shatter, send packing, dismantle, abate, anatomize, resolve, acquittal, avoid, obliterate, debit, wear away, dismiss, thaw, scatter, mix.

consolidate, join, gather, decree, order, formalize, break out, endorse, legalize, arrive, band, come out, legislate, unite, congregate, prescribe, pass, legitimate, establish, show up, command, enact, legitimize, clear, hang together, institute, warrant, loom, mandate, appear, found, incorporate, materialize, approve, ratify, permit, issue, validate, emerge, meet, sanction, allow, lay down, authorize.

Examples of usage:

1) He let the smile slowly dissolve as he turned to look at his wife. - "For Every Man A Reason", Patrick Wilkins.

2) You do not enjoy your visits; dissolve a friendship that begins to be incomplete. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.

3) Impatient with the slow progress we were making, myself and three other young men that night, resolved that in the morning we would dissolve our connection with the train, and hasten, with longer marches and quickened pace, to our journey's end. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.