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Spell check of finish

Correct spelling: finish

give the sack, zap, do in, hold on, discontinuance, stay, fill in, termination, run, abstain, cessation, arouse, address, force out, close, intermit, block off, desist, expiry, civilization, accomplish, die, consummate, refinement, evaporate, make out, clear, fulfill, conclude, break, rub, turn on, stop, nail, finish with, completion, grand finale, eat, wind, intercept, ratiocination, draw down, taste, vanish, refrain, texture, discontinuation, arrive, ahead, dismiss, accomplishment, withdrawal, application, wrack, turn back, give over, consummation, give the axe, send away, ending, barricade, shade, finalize, stop over, false start, nuance, pause, be, check, block, complete, liquidate, climax, culmination, closure, shatter, nicety, sack, fetch up, dead heat, death, fulfillment, swallow up, exhaust, graduate, dispatch, give up, take, come in, terminal, deplete, fire, break off, bury, play out, wind-up, disappear, bar, elaboration, gloss, end, cut down, finish off, discharge, clear up, hold back, shoemaker's last, knock off, decision, give notice, dissolve, checkmate, ingest, run through, pass away, rub out, sink, closedown, drop back, wash up, contain, expend, kibosh, buff, baton, scour, coda, shutdown, can, use up, passing, wreck, coating, get through, destroy, demolish, start, leave off, expire, shine, increase, help, glossiness, eat up, consume, come to, dash, remove, polish off, cultivation, finale, integrate, lay off, carry through, capper, conclusion, excite, arrival, immerse, feel, home stretch, slay, windup, unify, spoil, end up, finis, wipe, hit, cease, fade away, stoppage, achievement, terminus, discontinue, subtlety, break down, goal, arrest, culminate, cutoff, closing curtain, culture, touch, final stage, purification, spend, lapse, quit, execution, expiration, cross up, closing, offset, polish, civilisation, wipe out, try, covering, carry off, achieve, block up, stopping point, off, shutoff, total, coat, bump off, waste, fill out, determination, wrap up, refining, terminate, mop up, blockade, come, put away, displace, cut off, fruition, go away, glaze, burnish, fill, smash, bankrupt, destination, execute, clock, pass on, arrestment, place, earth up, surface, ruin, name and address, finish up, decease, undo, endgame, cap, exit, land up, manage, have, torpedo, halt, acculturation, finishing, scrub, surcease, cobbler's last, last, demise, drain, dab.

dawn, nascency, introduction, nascence, commence, initiate, overture, institute, preface, extension, day one, begin, opening, start, baseline, continuance, enter upon, originate, commencement, set about, preamble, prelude, continuation, prolongation, foreword, prologue, persistence, inaugurate, beginning.

Examples of usage:

1) She did not finish. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) I can't stay, unless- He did not attempt to finish the sentence. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) I pulled at my pipe, waiting for him to finish. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.