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Spell check of drink

Correct spelling: drink

cocoa, draw, sustenance, lemonade, give, confound, discombobulate, feed, hooch, infusion, imbibe, quencher, ingest, AA, foodstuff, chaser, potion, present, pick-me-up, guzzle, lager, subscribe, belt, spot, board, jollify, sauce, brandy, take in, soft drink, tipsiness, applejack, make merry, booze, ardent spirits, meal, fuddle, bedevil, tequila, sup, dine, gin, water, vodka, bite, make whoopie, draft, bitters, tea, drinking, glass, absorb, designated driver, pull on, liquor, revel, poison, devour, remember, sip, John Barleycorn, quaff, inebriant, aperitif, milk shake, carouse, insobriety, spirits, gulp, abuse, sop up, take up, picnic, imbibing, ale, hirsch, sloe gin, firewater, delirium tremens, repast, punch, intoxication, throw, grog, inebriation, scotch, nectar, plight, barhop, confuse, aqua vitae, juice, nip, brew, toast, sober up, champagne, refreshments, tipple, consumption, ingestion, cheers, racket, bread, bumper, cuisine, tonic, quench, bracer, drain, liquid, suck up, morsel, deglutition, beverage, drag, mead, drinkable, swig, lunch, pop, swill, make happy, drink up, soak, bourbon, inebriety, mouth, food, tope, whisky, potation, toss down, rum, alcohol addiction, intoxicant, Drugs, milk, libation, assimilate, bottle, pledge, soda, Al-Anon, taste, belt down, spread, refreshment, wine, stimulant, alcohol, dependence, nutriment, polish off, tank up, consume, coffee, cup, snort, dinner, crapulence, strong drink, soda pop, whoop it up, Alcoholics Anonymous, slug, eating, wassail, rye, schnapps, lush, fox, soak up, drunkenness, drink in, highball, eggnog, meat, shot, beer, eat, grub, double, banquet, boozing, moonshine, jolt, desire, feast, alcoholism, salute, binge drinking, barbecue, dram, imbibition, snack, crisp, potable, have, breakfast, knock back, fare, drop, porter, jigger, befuddle, Cognac, whiskey, saki.

Examples of usage:

1) You drink too much. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) She said that she did not care to eat or sleep but only to drink. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) And you shall see with what you will drink it down. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.