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Spell check of exhaust

Correct spelling: exhaust

eradicate, transmission, fire, fan, bust, fender, expend, dissipate, body, scrap, break, burn, bar, lop, circumvent, chlorofluorocarbon, poop out, quiver, axle, eject, drop off, jettison, radiator, complete, cowl, drum out, exhaust fumes, exclude, carburetor, spend, empty, obliterate, erupt, spew, work over, waste, eliminate, deep-six, outcome, blacklist, oppugn, outwear, give, run over, flummox, liberate, outfox, odometer, work through, scan, clear the air, finish, release, blackball, discuss, use up, bore, baffle, lose, peter out, tucker, trash, disapprove, depart, talk, curtail, brake, loose, take up, put out, glove compartment, muster out, drop, clutch, shock absorber, engross, gearbox, glance over, run-down, pose, crop, run out, go off, outwit, connecting rod, clip, burn out, drink in, consume, cancel out, effluent, acquit, dispossess, extinguish, debate, ignition, suck up, beat out, cut, free, piston, expel, outlet, increase, conk out, gravel, absorb, rout out, dumbfound, debit, emission, deny, mystify, get, chuck out, set down, camshaft, tire, discard, egress, crush, jilt, eat up, bearings, differential, down, misplace, outgo, finish off, go through, polish off, turf out, excrete, jade, boot out, taillights, canvass, beat, deplete, contamination, efflux, chassis, exonerate, disclaim, gear, throw out, windshield, drink up, argue, ingest, weary, steering wheel, contaminant, rout, carbon, ware, spark plug, drum, decrease, sap, wear out, thrum, harass, exculpate, consult, discharge, knock out, armor, vanquish, sweep away, do the dishes, abandon, vent, assoil, let go, excise, vomit, wear upon, tick, corrode, enervate, play out, rake, resign, decimate, manifold, bring out, decrement, unloosen, pulsate, stick, drainage, relinquish, publish, gearshift, squander, give up, disallow, impoverish, armour, bury, do in, check, fumes, have, overreach, eat on, cull, ticktack, exit, bewilder, shed, outsmart, acid rain, wear, bull bar, divest, bodywork, tire out, unblock, wear down, generator, pound, squeeze out, chop, cylinder, clear, crankshaft, CFC, perplex, rich, bonnet, amaze, emit, flap, secrete, drain, debilitate, pall, run through, take in, tired, crankcase, evacuate, swallow up, boot, talk through, wash up, thump, speedometer, do up, nonplus, get down to, overtax, carry off, seep, feed, frazzle, turn out, belch, puzzle, bumper, departure, carbon dioxide, exhaust system, consider, force out, kick out, erase, erode, tap, fag out, spout, outflow, skim, annihilate, fatigue, draw down, run off, exodus, runoff, carbon emissions, immerse, wipe out, dissolve, rust, vex, take, flag, devour, lave, snip, disgorge, turn, unloose, scramble, junk, let go of, dashboard, exude, occupy, negotiate, muffler, eat into, unfreeze, reject, shell, imbibe, unload, accelerator, shear, squirt, hood, beat up, stupefy, ticktock, oust, bunk, put down, horn, choke, wash out, trounce, forfeit, weaken, eat, check out, shrink, issue, tucker out, dispatch, distributor.

fortify, activate, rebuild, distract, preserve, enlarge, strengthen, energize, augment, bolster, give up, throw off, restore, cast out, rest, vitalize, put forth, disgorge, send out, unwind, renew, eject, relax, disperse, increase, replace, emit, revive, save, conserve, rejuvenate, vomit, reinforce, enforce, invigorate, repair, radiate, dissipate, exude.

Examples of usage:

1) Sometimes the struggle to capture the fish is a long and serious one, as it must thoroughly exhaust itself before it will yield. - "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia", Maturin M. Ballou.

2) Fortunately they could urge the camels and drive with the greatest speed, for the heat did not exhaust their strength. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) The spring was so abundant that the three hundred men of the caravan could not exhaust it. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.