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Spell check of close

Correct spelling: close

loom, envelop, keep mum, give, remnant, obturate, harmless, pinchpenny, pinpoint, strange, dam, fuddled, backyard, gain, destruction, approaching, finish, motionless, back, mingy, boot, meticulous, soused, narrow, clap, buddy-buddy, stinting, remainder, sultry, out, tightfitting, tightlipped, spare, arm's-length, bank, closer, block off, kinship, cap, clubby, crescent, close-mouthed, cul-de-sac, shutting, neck and neck, careful, packed, passing, braid, airless, brittle, stopper, shut, pay in, moldy, limiting, be quiet, organized, nearer, equal, bondholder, extend, make full, hairline, boney, short, complete, decode, corrupt, nighest, display, confined, coalesce, safe, thrifty, barely, lock, resembling, soon, stiff, methodical, miserly, about, barricade, one-on-one, ungenerous, stagnant, adjacent, reach out, terminal, oddment, wrap up, emulate, warm, unopposed, taut, coating, like, polish, tightfisted, button, restricted, sticky, closing curtain, halt, parsimonious, friendly, determination, culmination, capacity, close-knit, Boulevard, die, closefisted, nasty, cloister, analogous, exact, come, coterminous, seal off, unify, ersatz, uncork, abandon, constrictive, tightly fitting, fill, almost, achieve, approach, converge, belt up, bar, incommunicable, verbal, broking, execute, united, impend, break, provident, chummy, interactive, fulfill, accomplish, homogeneous, withdrawal, goal, chain, bun, rigorous, shut up, reason, neighborhood, cramped, stop, destination, cozy up, impede, finis, stay, scraggy, bypass, likely, culture, arcade, anaesthetize, pen up, exit, sweltering, stopping point, unaired, shortly, appressed, faithful, illocutionary, cobbler's last, juxtaposed, close-fisted, by, closelipped, windup, tighten, probable, cheeseparing, close off, solid, well-nigh, cauterize, cork, crowd, discontinue, warmhearted, acquainted, unsettling, delicate, pass away, abutting, finishing, quit, controlled, next-door, dummy up, turn up, buzz cut, oppressive, shut down, tie, chintzy, such, closely knit, decision, plug, uncharitable, business, consummate, intimately, similar, sure, conterminous, illegitimacy, business plan, direct, cultivation, seal, disconnect, neighbouring, hook into, last, walking, cheap, Drive, latch, final stage, remit, beauty parade, bleed, crash, death, closure, closing, suspend, weedy, stringent, wave, unventilated, graduate, all but, encompassing, blind drunk, level, side by side, choke off, cautious, tight, fusty, clog, economical, bring back, blotto, accurate, sort of, conclusion, secretive, dense, good, enclose, close at hand, sparing, unite, clannish, plastered, petty, attached, uncommunicative, closemouthed, nip and tuck, twin, bangs, cluster, amiable, restraint, underweight, expiry, catheterize, bind, restrained, kick, like-minded, position, cessation, affectionate, approximate, thick, end, family, secure, bound, dry up, incommunicative, nigh, bob, imitative, snug, crocked, huddle, button up, closely, practically, demise, fill up, scarcely, ambient, clam up, hot, legitimate, cosy, familiar, refreshing, obstruct, credit, passive, bullish, possibly, join, shut out, controllable, protective, hedge, surrounding, anesthetize, bring to, settle, catch, access, dark, inaccurate, advance, liquidate, arrive, unnatural, bend, squiffy, terminate, neighborly, decease, chignon, completion, stale, economic, moral, indistinguishable, penny-pinching, pass on, keep out, musty, bear market, clench, coda, tap, slam, hairbreadth, neighboring, Dr., close-hauled, blank, spot-on, certain, finale, down-to-the-wire, inseparable, breathless, interrupt, desist, blind alley, scrawny, alleyway, uniform, cordon off, compressed, penurious, closedown, preventable, restricting, intimate, proximate, empathic, clear, deliver, akin, fit, clinch, broadly, systematic, backstreet, pie-eyed, Ave., car park, jam-packed, fit out, give out, accomplishment, borrow, wrong, snuggled, mean, immediate, attach, lock out, ground, fold up, connect, spread, silent, wind up, nonverbal, smashed, against, taciturn, ratiocination, fine, fail, draw, filial, uncommunicable, adpressed, love, refined, bunch, avoidable, approximately, fuse, mathematical, pause, nearby, stuff, uncomfortable, neighbour, near, full, communicative, questionable, soaked, frugal, close-run, crowded, congenial, incorrect, bull, compact, debit, stretch, inexact, campus, close-set, suffocating, attend, cease, stifling, open, beehive, thrift, bearish, illegitimate, refinement, mortgage, besotted, niggard, shut off, unfold, hem, niggardly, separate, amicable, serried, turn off, undemonstrative, bear, brokerage, asset, abort, beside, book, confining, Blvd., just, decide, connected, brotherly, person-to-person, clump together, reticent, scalelike, cannibalize, one-to-one, comparable, heavy, termination, walk-to, ending, broken, impassive, bull market, cockeyed, mop up, strained, thorough, closest, go under, most, assemble, pixilated, bandage, sociable, familial, repel, shutdown, automate, boon, nestled, distant, come together, pass, unemotional, stodgy, wet, cozy, fast, nearly, jam, hardly, neighbor, troubling, cut off, expressive, alley, neutral, bosom, local, close-fitting, loaded, fresh, unfurl, besiege, close up, checkmate, resolve, roughly, put together, inward, strict, imminent, expected, sound, bolt, fold, breath, dear, unresponsive, conclude, broker-dealer, reserved, sloshed, confidential, semblance, constraining, at hand, contiguous, sozzled, next to, painstaking, companionable, double, competing, imprecise, integrate, economies, tight-mouthed, pinching, alarm, virtually, block, especial, tight-fitting, bordering, occlude, Avenue, enveloping, impending, guaranteed, meet, bid, alongside, bid price, close together, emotionless, bung, stingy, bobbed, next, reason out, refrain, slopped, innocuous, shutter, adjoining, hard-fisted, expire, culminate, costive, Afro, skinny, cover, claustrophobic, paralinguistic, exclude, shoemaker's last, run out, hand-to-hand, close down, agree, account, private, fasten, buffer, nearest, expiration, finalize, probably, stuffy, alike.

detached, compassionate, loose, yonder, untrue, charitable, roomy, extreme, breezy, faraway, false, dubious, far-off, nonadjacent, prodigal, far, handsome, unequal, long-distance, thriftless, commodious, bountiful, spendthrift, altruistic, spacious, separated, unclear, frank, ulterior, honest, greathearted, wrong, squandering, ventilated, loosely knit, freehanded, standoffish, restorative, lavish, splurging, uncrowded, liberal, humanitarian, disjoined, away, cold, open up, imprecise, unsociable, wasteful, removed, refreshing, tactless, refreshed, bracing, beneficent, incorrect, disconnected, hospitable, untrustworthy, reserved, out-of-town, aloof, unthrifty, yon, separate, reviving, communicatory, selfless, unstinting, wasting, unsparing, withdrawn, cool, bounteous, kindly, free, harsh, airy, unreliable, rough, frosty, public, inaccurate, distant, good-hearted, blunt, far-flung, munificent, overgenerous, profligate, round, philanthropic, approximate, extravagant, doubtful, dissipating, unrestrained, unfriendly, careless, openhanded, frittering, invigorating, inexact, generous, unconfined, coarse, deep, vague, brisk, openhearted, open, remote, antisocial, out-front, outspoken, indefinite, benevolent, long, unselfish, magnanimous, profuse, questionable, divorced, communicative, sweet, candid.

Examples of usage:

1) But she did look around, for she felt him near her- she was sure- sure- he was near- close- Oh, Richard, Richard! - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Did a door close? - "Open Water", Arthur Stringer.

3) She started to close the door, but he caught it with his hand. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.